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Studio “Winds of the Hallows” Silhouette Faux Water-Color Painting

Studio “Winds of the Hallows” Silhouette Faux Water-Color Painting

Create a beautiful and intriguing faux-watercolor silhouette painting with Studio Paints, Colorwash and Dylusions Inksprays to get into the spirit of the Harvest.

By Mackie Mullane


1. Working on the Non-Stick Craft Sheet, start by misting your watercolor paper with a layer of water.

2.Create a rough circle of 3 parts yellow paint to 2 parts water towards the middle of your watercolor paper.

3. Layer on a color a shade darker than the yellow. Gradient your color choices using Dab of Yellow, Sky Blue and Purple Palette from the center to the edges of your paper.

4. While paint is still wet, use colorwash sprays and ink sprays to create a vignette around the outside edge of painting.

5. Take the Heat it craft tool and dry the surface of your painting.

6. Finally take black Claudine Hellmuth studio paint to draw your design over top of your colored vignette background.

7. Frame, Hang, and Enjoy!