Happy Earth Day

April 22nd, 2016

Earth Day

Happy Earth Day everyone! In honor of the day in which we appreciate and work towards taking better care of our environment, we decided to share some fun ideas for reusing your resources in your crafts.

Recycled Paper & Plastic Notepads by Teresa Natividad

Teresa Earth Day

We go through a lot of paper in the office. Most of the paper we use is printed only on one side, so I will often use the blank side as note paper. I thought I would make decorative ones for Earth Day!

Create your own recycled notepads in just a few easy steps:

1. Die cut used copy/office paper using any fun shape that you prefer.
2. Also die cut a coordinating piece of cardboard for the backing, and another out of clear plastic packaging for the front.
3. Decorate the clear front piece as desired. I used Alcohol Ink in various techniques. (For the shield, I dripped Alcohol Ink and tilted the plastic several different ways. For the tag, I used an Alcohol Ink Applicator Tool. For the ticket, I dripped Alcohol Ink, then used the Distress Marker Spritzer Tool to blow the ink around.)
4. Gather all pieces together and hold with binder clips. You can also use Tim Holtz Ideaology Tissue Tape to hold the pad together.
5. Brush Multi-Medium in Matte across the top and let dry.
6. Remove binder clips and write away!

Teresa Earth Day
Teresa Earth Day
Teresa Earth Day

Organic Materials with ICE Resin® by Susan Lenart Kazmer

Susan Lenart Kazmer Earth Day
Susan Lenart Kazmer Earth Day
Susan Lenart Kazmer loves to use organic materials and found objects in her jewelry pieces. You can find her using feathers, sticks, fallen flower buds, pencils, game pieces and many more in a lot of her work.

Dried Flowers Bezel Necklace by Jen Cushman

Jen Earth Day
One of the best things about ICE Resin is that it’s a perfect art medium to use with organic and natural elements. Dried flowers, sticks, stones, bones, wings and more can be embedded and encased in resin for truly unique mixed media jewelry and art.

It’s been said The Earth Laughs in Flowers. For me, ICE Resin smiles when it gets to play with lovely pressed petals and sweet blooms.

The most important step for using real flowers is to make sure they are thoroughly dried and pressed. If any moisture gets trapped in resin, organics can mold. For light colored flowers – whites, pale yellow, etc. it helps to brush a thin layer of Susan Lenart Kazmer ICE Resin® Paper Sealer on the dried petals before encasing them in resin.

I hope you enjoyed this beautiful and natural recycling project.

If you happen to be at the Bead and Button Show this June in Milwaukee, check out my Floating Petals workshop. Be sure to stop by the ICE Resin booth to see this necklace live and in person.

We hope this inspires you to reuse some of your materials the next time you create! Happy crafting!


Seahorse Faux Druzzy Necklace by Misty Grosse

April 18th, 2016

Seahorse Faux Druzzy Necklace by Misty Grosse

Our Guest Designer Misty Grosse shares with us this faux druzzy Seahorse Charm necklace tutorial!

Find Misty’s tutorial in our Projects Library: Seahorse Faux Druzzy Necklace by Misty Grosse

Dina Wakley Canvas Painting

April 15th, 2016

This week has been a BLAST having Dina Wakley, Tim Holtz & Dyan Reaveley here at Ranger Headquarters! In between all of the playing this week, we were fortunate enough to catch Dina Wakley on video creating this beautiful painted canvas! It was a pleasure to witness Dina work through her creative process and we hope you enjoy this fun video!

Liquid Pearls Watercolor Technique with Patti Behan

April 13th, 2016

Our very out Patti Behan shares with us this great tutorial showing how to use Liquid Pearls with water to create a watercoloring pearlescent effect!


Liquid Pearls: Daffodil, Watermelon, Key Lime, Baby Blue, Onyx Pearl
Ranger Cut-N-Dry Foam
Ranger Dye Ink Pad: Black Tie
Ranger Heat it Craft Tool
Ranger Non-Stick Craft Sheet
Ranger Adhesive Strips
Ranger Multi Medium: Matte
Ranger Surfaces: Gloss Paper
Ranger Surfaces: Black Cardstock
Ranger Surfaces: Watercolor Paper
Tim Holtz by Ranger Waterbrush: Wide Brush Tip
Tim Holtz Kraft-Core Nostalgic Collection by Core’dinations: Black
Tim Holtz Alterations by Sizzix: Vagabond Machine; Thinlits: Detailed Butterflies.
Tim Holtz by Stampers Anonymous: Botanical Sketch Stamp Set; Grid Blocks

In Full Bloom by Carisa Zglobicki

April 11th, 2016

In Full Bloom by Carisa Zglobicki

Our Guest Designer Carisa Zglobicki shares with us this great Dina Wakley Media canvas tutorial!

Find Carisa’s tutorial in our Projects Library: In Full Bloom by Carisa Zglobicki

Tim Holtz® Distress Crayons CardMaker Magazine Blog Hop

April 7th, 2016

Thank you so much for stopping by our blog for the CardMaker Blog Hop featuring the Tim Holtz® Distress Crayons! Signature Designer & Creative Director Tim Holtz shares with us this vibrant mixed media card tutorial using the Distress Crayons:

Distress Crayons Tag by Tim Holtz
I’m excited to share one of my favorite techniques using the new Distress Crayons. These water reactive pigments have the unique ability to blend, smudge, and layer providing rich color mixed with just a hint of grunge. This technique can be applied to a variety of surfaces including cardstock, wood, canvas and more so let’s get started…

Distress Crayons Blog Hop

Distress Crayons Blog HopStep 1: Tear a piece of Tissue Wrap from the roll large enough to cover your surface.

Distress Crayons Blog HopStep 2: Adhere the Tissue Wrap to the surface using Distress Collage Medium and Distress Collage Brush. Let dry or dry with Heat Tool.

Distress Crayons Blog HopStep 3: Apply Texture Paste through a Mini Layering Stencil using a Palette Knife. Select random parts of the stencil to place in various areas on the tag. Let dry or dry with Heat Tool.

Distress Crayons Blog HopStep 4: Apply a layer of Distress Collage Medium using a Distress Collage Brush covering the entire surface including the Texture Paste. Let dry or dry with Heat Tool.

Distress Crayons Blog HopStep 5: Gather various colors of Distress Crayons before you start coloring. I find having them at the ready makes the blending and smudging of colors much easier since Distress Crayons actually have a dry time.

Distress Crayons Blog HopStep 6: Scribble various colors of Distress Crayons on a small section of the tag. Keep in mind that in order to allow the various colors to mix, you need to apply them at the same time like I am showing here.

Distress Crayons Blog HopStep 7: Immediately smudge the colors using your finger. The smooth consistency of Distress Crayons allow for an amazing “blendability”.

Distress Crayons Blog HopStep 8: Repeat the previous steps working in small areas at a time to allow the Distress Crayons to smudge. Once they dry, they will no longer smudge with your finger and you will need to either re-apply more Distress Crayons, or use water to re-wet the color.

Distress Crayons Blog HopStep 9: Mist a paper towel with water using a Distress Sprayer. Note: A baby wipe is just too wet for this technique, so this allows you to control the amount of moisture applied to the surface.

Distress Crayons Blog HopStep 10: Lightly wipe the paper towel over the Texture Paste areas to react the Distress Crayons and start lifting the color. Note: We are able to lift color because we covered the entire surface with Distress Collage Medium first giving it a waterproof layer.

Distress Crayons Blog HopStep 11: Place a Layering Stencil over the background and rub through the design using the damp paper towel.

Distress Crayons Blog HopStep 12: This is the cool effect you get revealing the Tissue Wrap background.

Distress Crayons Blog HopStep 13: Here I chose another Layering Stencil design…really cool effect.

Distress Crayons Blog HopStep 14: Stamp an image with Distress Archival Ink and dry with a Heat Tool. It’s important when stamping over Distress Crayons that you use a permanent waterproof ink.

Distress Crayons Blog HopStep 15: Add a quote using Small Talk stickers by cutting sections apart and adhere directly to the surface.

Distress Crayons Blog HopStep 16: Add various embellishments to the surface using Matte Multi-Medium. I find this adhesive works best over Distress Crayons.

Distress Crayons Blog HopStep 17: Cut a piece of black cardstock for the card base and adhere the tag using Foam Tape.

Distress Crayons Blog Hop

Close-Up: You see, a tag is simply a surface to work on and makes a great card topper. Try adding scraps of Tissue Tape, Ruler Ribbon, and various metal embellishments to finish your card.

Hope you enjoyed this colorful mixed-media approach to creating a card using the new Distress Crayons. Here’s to your creative journey…tim


  • Tim Holtz® Distress Crayons: Sets #1, #2
  • Tim Holtz® Distress Collage Medium: Matte
  • Tim Holtz® Distress Collage Brush: 1 1/4”
  • Tim Holtz® Distress Mixed-Media Palette Archival Ink Pad
  • Tim Holtz® Distress Sprayer
  • Ranger Texture Paste: Opaque Matte
  • Ranger Palette Knife Set
  • Ranger #8 Manila Tag
  • Ranger Craft Sheet
  • Ranger Heatit Craft Tool
  • Ranger Adhesive Black Foam Tape
  • Ranger Mini Multi-Medium Matte
  • Idea-ology: Tissue Wrap / Melange, Small Talk Stickers, Arrow Adornments, Number Tokens, Star Fasteners, Mini Gears, Ruler Ribbon, Tissue Tape / Symphony
  • Stampers Anonymous: Stamp: CMS267 Dapper, Mini Layering Stencils: THMS002, THMS008, THMS051
  • Tonic: Scissors
  • Black Cardstock

  • Thank you for stopping by! Here is the complete list of all of the blog hop participants:

  • CardMaker
  • Linda Beeson
  • Lisa Silver
  • Kim Klinkovsky
  • Pamela Haskin
  • Carisa Zglobicki
  • Dawn Lusk
  • Distress Splatter Effects: Tips & Techniques

    April 5th, 2016

    Distress Splatter Effects

    Using Splatter effects can add another layer of visual interest to your projects! There are multiple products and techniques you can use to achieve different types of splatter effects. Our Tim Holtz® Distress line offers a few unique tools and products to help you easily create the perfect splatter pattern in your art. Let’s dive in!

    Tim Holtz® Distress Splatter Brush

    Distress Splatter Brush
    The Tim Holtz® Distress Splatter Brush contains flexible synthetic bristles that you can simply dip into your favorite Distress Inks, Paints or Stains and flick onto your project. Using the Splatter Brush creates fun speckles that vary from small to medium in size depending on the distance away from your surface when you apply. The technique below shows the Splatter Brush used with Distress Paint.

    TIP: Make sure when flicking the bristles to pull the bristles towards you and then release them.

    Distress Splatter Brush
    Distress Splatter Brush

    Watch Tim’s demo on the Splatter Brush (about 4 minutes in) to learn the correct way to hold the brush and 2 different ways to flick the bristles!

    Tim Holtz® Distress Marker Spritzer

    Distress Marker Spritzer
    The Tim Holtz® Distress Marker Spritzer is the perfect tool to create an airbrushed splatter effect using Distress Markers. Use the Marker Spritzer to create small speckles of ink that can be applied to a small or large area depending on distance away from your surface. You can also use the Marker Spritzer through a stencil to create a soft stenciled pattern.

    TIP: The marker insert is adjustable so you can accommodate markers different sizes.
    Distress Marker Spritzer
    Distress Marker Spritzer

    Watch Tim’s demo on the Marker Spritzer to see how to use with a stencil and adjust the insert for use with other markers.

    Tim Holtz® Distress Sprayer

    Distress Sprayer
    The Tim Holtz® Distress Sprayer uses a convenient trigger sprayer with water to create droplets and various sprayed water effects. With Tim Holtz Distress Inks, Paints, Markers and Stains all being water-reactive, the Distress Sprayer uses water to achieve the perfect organic splatters that cause your colors to flow and blend while preserving the droplets.

    TIP: For convenient storage and worry-free travel, the Distress Sprayer features a locking trigger button.

    Distress Sprayer

    Watch Tim’s demo on the Distress Sprayer to see how he creates his signature backgrounds!

    Tim Holtz® Distress Spray Stains

    Distress Spray Stains
    Last but not least are the Tim Holtz® Distress Spray Stains! The Distress Spray Stains feature a quality mist sprayer that is ideal for quick and easy ink coverage. This unique mist sprayer produces both small and larger splatters of ink.

    TIP: Press the mist sprayer quickly for a fine mist or simply hold the neck of the bottle and press the mist sprayer to achieve larger droplets of ink.

    Distress Spray Stains
    Distress Spray Stains

    Watch Tim’s demo on the Distress Spray Stains!

    Happy splattering! 🙂

    Springtime Walk by Denise Lush

    April 4th, 2016

    Springtime Walk by Denise Lush

    Our Guest Designer Denise Lush shares with us this fun Dylusions journal page tutorial!

    Find Denise’s tutorial in our Projects Library: Springtime Walk by Denise Lush

    Inspired by Tim | March

    March 31st, 2016

    Inspired by Tim | March | www.rangerink.com
    Each month members of our team at Ranger HQ sneak in a bit of creative time to create projects inspired by Tim Holtz’s monthly tag.  This month members of the team created projects inspired by his March tag.

    Inspired by Tim | March | www.rangerink.com

    Spring Banner By Kathy Paglia

    My inspiration was the crocuses and daffodils coming up in my yard.

    • Tim Holtz Distress Paint – Picket Fence, Black Soot, Spiced Marmalade, Carved Pumpkin, Spun Sugar, Picked Raspberry, Milled Lavender, Wilted Violet, Broken China, Mermaid Lagoon, Squeezed Lemonade, Mustard Seed, Twisted Citron, Cracked Pistachio
    • Tim Holtz Distress Sprays – Picked Raspberry, Carved Pumpkin, Spiced Marmalade, Salty Ocean, Wilted Violet, Peacock Feathers, Mermaid Lagoon, Mustard Seed, Squeezed Lemonade, Mowed Lawn, Cracked Pistachio
    • Tim Holtz Distress Ink – Ground Espresso
    • Tim Holtz Distress Crayons – Mermaid Lagoon, Mustard Seed, Spiced Marmalade, Picked Raspberry, Seedless Preserves, Twisted Citron
    • Ranger Multi Medium- Matte
    • Ranger Glossy Accents
    • Ranger Texture Paste – Opaque Matte
    • Jet Black Archival Ink
    • Dylusions Mica Sprays – Pink Gumball, Vibrant Turquoise, Crushed Grape
    • Wendy Vecchi Mica Sprays – Buttercup
    • Liquid Pearls – White Opal
    • Ranger Non-Stick Craft Sheet
    • Adhesive Foam Tape – Black
    • Ranger ¼” Wonder Tape
    • Ranger Ink Blending Tool and Foams
    • Tim Holtz by Tonic Studios-Cush Grip Snips
    • Tim Holtz Alterations by Sizzix – Decorative Strip Dies: Tattered Flower Garland, Butterfly Frenzy; Movers and Shapers – Mini Hearts
    • Tim Holtz Idea-ology – Paper String, Grunge Letters – Mini Alpha
    • Tim Holtz by Stampers Anonymous-Flourish Layering Stencil
    • Cardboard

    Inspired by Tim | March | www.rangerink.com

    Inspired by Tim | March | www.rangerink.com

    Time Tag By Patti Behan

    I was inspired to make this project as a reminder that it is okay to relax and do nothing . Just enjoy the beauty of your surroundings.

    • Dina Wakley Media Gesso: White
    • Ranger Artist Brushes
    • Tim Holtz Distress Spray Stain- Picket Fence, Weathered Wood, blueprint Sketch, Brushed Pewter
    • Ranger Surfaces – #10 Kraft Tag
    • Ranger Metal Foil Tape Sheets
    • Tim Holtz Distress Crayons – Chipped Sapphire, Hickory Smoke, Black Soot
    • Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pad – Gathered Twigs
    • Ranger Non-Stick Craft Sheet
    • Archival Ink Pad-Jet Black
    • Ranger Collage Glue Stick
    • Ranger Multi Medium – Matte
    • Tim Holtz Alterations by Sizzix- Bigz Dies: Pocketwatch Frame, Gadget Gears; Movers and Shapers: Mini Gears
    • Tim Holtz by Stampers Anonymous: Fabuous Flourishes
    • Tim Holtz idea-ology- Big Chat; Industrious Stickers; Heirloom Roses; Dapper Paper Stash
    • Cardboard, Black Ribbon

    Inspired by Tim | March | www.rangerink.com

    Inspired by Tim | March | www.rangerink.com

    Dreamcatcher Tag by Taylor Huizenga

    I was really inspired by the Feather Duo Bigz Die because it reminded me of a dreamcatcher. I decided to use the Feather Duo die and create a cosmic dream state background to show through the feathers to tie them in to each other.

    • Ranger Surfaces-#8 Manilla Tag
    • Ranger Surfaces-#8 Black Tag
    • Ranger Shiny Foil Transfer Sheets- Frozen: Silver Foil Sheet
    • Ranger Glossy Accents
    • Ranger Non-Stick Craft Sheet
    • Tim Holtz Distress Spray Stain- Picket Fence
    • Tim Holtz Distress Mica Spray- Brushed Pewter
    • Tim Holtz Distress Crayons: Picked Raspberry, Peacock Feather. Seedless Preserves, Black Soot
    • Tim Holtz Alterations by Sizzix: Bigz Die – Feather Duo; Thinlits – Shape Strips
    • Cardboard

    Inspired by Tim | March | www.rangerink.com

    Dylusions Hello Friend Card by Kelly Kronowski

    March 29th, 2016

    Dylusions Hello Friend Card by Kelly Kronowski

    Our very own Kelly Kronowski shares with us this Dylusions Hello Friend Card tutorial!

    Find Kelly’s tutorial in our Projects Library: Dylusions Hello Friend Card by Kelly Kronowski