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New Dina Wakley Media Paint Color Mixing Chart

Greetings from hot Arizona! I love my new Dina Wakley Media acrylic colors. I want to show you how you can mix them to make even more gorgeous hues. Truly versatile!

1. Evergreen + Ocean = Grass Green
2. Evergreen + Cheddar = Desert Green
3. Cheddar + Ocean = Fir Green
4. Ocean + Fuchsia = Dark Purple
5. Ocean + Blushing = Dark Lavender
6. Ocean + Elephant = Grey Blue
7. Blushing + Cheddar = Peach
8. Blushing + Fuchsia = Rose
9. Fuchsia + Cheddar = Rusty Orange

Keep in mind that you can vary these colors even more by using different amounts of each color (instead of a 1:1 ratio). Don’t forget that you can add white to make them more pastel, black to make them dark.

Sometimes it’s fun to test colors by painting two colors on page, leaving space in between. While the paint is still wet, spray the colors with water and allow the watery paint to mix in the space. You’ll get a pretty variation and a great background. For the sample, I used Ocean and Fuchsia.

Download Dina Wakley’s new Paint Color Mixing Chart here: Dina Wakley Media 2016 Paint Color Mixing Chart.pdf

Have you come up with any interesting color combinations by mixing?

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