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Vintaj Patinas Techniques with Special Guest Blogger Els Van de Burgt from Elizabeth Craft Designs


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If you follow us on Facebook, you may have seen us share some very cool techniques posted by the Elizabeth Craft Designs page. A few weeks ago Els Van de Burgt posted some amazing Vintaj Patinas technique photos that we just had to know more about! We reached out to her and she generously spent some time taking photos and writing up how to achieve each one of these looks.

If you’re like us and can’t get enough of this beautiful work, be sure to “like” the Elizabeth Craft Designs Facebook page here to continue to see all of Els’ amazing work or post on her page to let her know what you think of these techniques! You can also check out the Elizabeth Craft Designs website to find any supplies you may need for your next project, like the Shimmer Sheetz used in these techniques.

1. Here are two pieces of Fire Opal Gemstones Shimmer Sheetz. The top piece was embossed. The bottom piece was altered with Vintaj Onyx Patina first, then embossed and sanded. Vintaj Patinas dry beautifully on Shimmer Sheetz. There are endless color combinations to try and this technique never ceases to amaze me!

4 - Els van de Burgt Vintaj Patinas

2. I used Vintaj Onyx Patina to alter this card front, totally covering the Fire Opal Gemstones Shimmer Sheetz with the deep rich color. Next, I embossed and sanded the piece to reveal the silver core of the Shimmer Sheetz. I considered adding more, but the piece is so beautiful as it is, nothing else was needed.

1 - Els van de Burgt Vintaj Patinas

3. I use three Vintaj Patina colors first, then emboss and sanded the Turquoise Gemstones Shimmer Sheetz. You can switch the order, add more or fewer Vintaj colors, to change the look of your project. Experiment, trust your eye, and have fun!

2 - Els van de Burgt Vintaj Patinas

4. Another combination of Vintaj Patinas on Fire Opal Gemstones Shimmer Sheetz. First, the Shimmer Sheetz was altered with four Patina colors, then it was embossed and sanded to reveal the silver core in the Shimmer Sheetz. Note: Gemstones Shimmer Sheetz has a silver core in all colors, the core in the Iris (iridescent) and Metallic colors vary.

3 - Els van de Burgt Vintaj Patinas

5. The background of this card is one of the pieces you have already seen. The pair of Asian vases are gold outline peel-offs from Elizabeth Craft Designs (#2516) backed with 90 lb. fine white cold press watercolor paper, colored with Tim Holtz Distress Markers. I used a synthetic paint brush to pull and blend the colors. The darkest areas of color are near the center of the petals, the base of the leaves, and the curved areas of the vases to create dimension and shadow. Tip: Cut out the vases after you finish coloring so you will have surrounding paper to hold while you work.

5 - Els van de Burgt Vintaj Patinas