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Stickles Dry Glitter Blog Hop with Dreamweaver Stencils


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The good folks over at Dreamweaver Stencils have another exciting blog hop going on today. The star of their show is none other than Stickles Dry Glitter! If you’re in the market for some Stickles inspiration, be sure to head over to the following blogs to see some fun and exciting products!

Dreamweaver Stencil
Cherylynn Moser
Leadonna Kimmel
Laura Drahozal
Louise Healy
Jessica Griffin
Caroline Duncan&nbsp
Stacey Rumsby
Pam Hornschu
Heidi Erickson
Cyndi Bundy
Terrece Siddoway
Lyn Bernatovich
Jennifer Dove


35 thoughts on “Stickles Dry Glitter Blog Hop with Dreamweaver Stencils

  1. Fun blog hop, lovely creations, cool glitter product! Thanks for teaming up with Dreamweaver Stencils!

  2. I’ve never even heard of these products. I got quite an education today. Thanks for the hop and Jennifer Dove for sending it to us. It was great.

  3. Thanks so much for sponsoring our hop today! I am so in love with the Stickles Dry Glitters, they rock! All the same cool colors and a much shorter drying time makes me a happy crafter! Thanks again!

  4. This was such a super fun hop!!! I loved all the inspiration and the use of the glitter was amazing…and yes, i need some 🙂 thank you for sharing with us!

  5. The Stickles Dry Glitter is awesome! It was a pleasure using it creating for the Ranger/Dreamweaver Hop today. Thanks for the collaboration!! 🙂

  6. These were all so many amazing ideas. wonderful and beautiful. So much talent. I was happy to find it all and see it. I am truly inspired.

  7. These were all so many amazing ideas. wonderful and beautiful. So much talent. I was happy to find it all and see it. I am truly inspired. (sorry I had a typo on my name)

  8. What a great combination! Ranger and Dreamweaver. I am looking forward to all of the fantastic inspiration!

  9. I enjoyed the glittery hop and found lots of inspiration and learned about products new to me. Thanks so much.

  10. Stopped in to see every project and love the combo of these materials. I think I will have to venture to the “big city” and check out this fab stuff. It’s my first DWS/Ranger hop and I feel truly inspired to start using stencils! Thanks!

    Come and see what I’ve done lately.

  11. Looking forward to the hop! I am a big fan of Dreamweavers and of Stickles Dry Glitter!

  12. Thank you for the chance to play with the beautiful Dry Stickles products. I just love the colors and the shaker tops. I had so much fun creating for this!

  13. Great blog hop with some great inspiration to use the stickles glitter with the Dreamweaver Stencils.

  14. What a FABULOUS hop!! I learned so much from all the terrific and talented ladies!! Talk about a perfect marriage…your glitter with Dreamweaver stencils! Quite an education and inspiration! Well done!
    Thank you so much for the chance to win!

    Sue Brailey

  15. thanks again Ranger for the opportunity to win a fabulous prize – luv your products 🙂 The blog hop was a lot of fun with a lot of inspiration.

  16. What a great blog hop. I so enjoyed seeing all the great projects and now have so many stencils on my wish list…along with the fabulous ranger glitter

  17. I have to say this was one amazing bloghop. I loved all the creations. The glitters are really fabulous….so going onto my wish list, along with some more stencils. Thanks for a wonderful hop.