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Colorizing Embellishments with Alcohol Ink by Tammy Tutterow

Published on: February 19th, 2015 3:47 PM Posted in: Tips and Techniques

Colorizing Embellishments with Alcohol Ink by Tammy Tutterow

Use alcohol inks to take embellishments to a whole new level in just moments!


Alcohol Ink Embellishments by Tammy Tutterow |

Colorizing EmbellishmentsStep 1: Acrylic embellishments like Mirrored Stars and Gumdrops by Tim Holtz Idea-ology are fabulous straight out of the package.  They couldn’t be any more simple to add color to though with alcohol ink.  Simply drip a drop or two onto the surface…and allow the piece to air dry.  Because alcohol inks dry quickly the colorized piece is ready to use on your project in just a few minutes!  (Color shown: Cranberry.)

Colorizing Embellishments Step 1Metal embellishments are just as easy to color.  Drip color on to the piece directly and blot away any excess with a felt applicator tool.  You can also apply the ink to the felt applicator tool and tap it onto the surface of the embellishment.  (Color shown: Sail Boat Blue.)

Colorizing Embellishments Step 2Step 2: Stamp the image over the entire tag, re-inking the stamp with the dabber after each impression. Sprinkle the Sticky Embossing Powder over the tag. Remove the excess powder onto the piece of scrap paper and return it into the jar.

Colorizing Embellishments Step 2
Would you like to take it to a whole other level?  Add more color to your felt and tap it onto the surface over the first color.  You will get rich layers of color.  Add one of the metallic mixatives and add some real wow to your piece!  (Colors shown: Sail Boat Blue, Lettuce, and Silver Mixative.)

Colorizing Embellishments Step 2Don’t be afraid to mix and match and try more than just colors.  The opaque Snow Cap Mixative on a Gumdrop is so gorgeous!  It adds an opaque base around the raised points on the Gumdrop allowing the raised points on the Gumdrop to really sparkle and shine!

Colorizing Embellishments Step 3Step 3: Using a felt applicator tool for embellishments with lots of detailed shapes creates an amazing look.  The tool will help you to apply the color to just the raised areas so that the deeper base color of the metal remains in the recesses.  (Frames: Tim Holtz Idea-ology Ornate Plates.)

Colorizing Embellishments Step 4Step 4: Adding one of the metallic mixatives randomly over the color lets you bring back the metal look.  This piece now looks as if it was aged silver.  (Colors used: Lettuce and Silver Mixative.)

Colorizing Embellishments Step 5
Step 4: Using Snow Cap Mixative will add an opaque finish to the metal piece similar to a painted look but with less drying time.  You can use the white layer alone or use it as a base layer to apply additional colors over.  The white base will make the colors on top more vibrant.

Colorizing Embellishments Step 6Step 5: A single coat of Silver Mixative (frame on left) can add a stunning effect.  Sand lightly with a Tim Holtz Sanding Grip to expose some of the metal under the original finish.

Colorizing Embellishments Step 6
The simple and quick addition of just three different alcohol inks create quite a range of looks turning a great base embellishment into some really spectacular!

Can you believe how fast and simple it is to add so much wow to your embellishments?  I’ll be sharing more alcohol ink ideas with you through out the month.  You won’t believe what all you can do with these versatile inks!


tammytutterow2014Tammy Tutterow is the Social Media Manager for Ranger Ink.  She lives near St. Louis, MO.  Tammy is a two time Ranger U graduate.  She is big fan of inky hands and loves writing tutorials online and teaching classes in stores.  You can learn more about Tammy on her blog: Tammy Tutterow- Tutorials for Inky Hands.