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Non-Stick Craft Sheet

Non-Stick Craft Sheet

The award-winning Ranger Non-Stick Craft sheet is the answer to your craft surface needs!


The award-winning Ranger Non-Stick Craft Sheet™ is the answer to your craft surface needs! It is an indispensable tool for every craft room or art studio. The multi-purpose Non-Stick Craft Sheet provides protection to a crafter’s work surface for many craft mediums. This larger (15” by 18”) reusable non-stick craft surface is perfect for working with 12” by 12” scrapbook pages, rubber stamping, card making, altered art books and more.

• Heat Resistant up to 400 degrees and it repels liquids! Protect your work surface from heat tools,
   craft irons, or any heat-producing craft appliance such as the Ranger Melting Pot®.

• The slick surface allows for easy clean up – just peel off paint, embossing powder, glues and more
   or it can be wiped clean with a paper towel.

• Reusable over and over for multiple craft projects.

Project uses:
• All ink applications – stamping, brayering, resist and distressing techniques

• Ideal for use with Adirondack® Alcohol Inks – no ink is wasted and clean up is easy with a little
   Adirondack® Alcohol Blending Solution and a paper towel

• Use as a direct surface for monoprinting techniques

• Use it for Adirondack Color Wash™ Sprays

• Heat emboss with embossing powders and inks

• Ranger Melt Art® projects with the Melting Pot and UTEE

• Other melting projects such as beeswax, hot glue, soap chips, candle wax, solder

• Use to protect baking surface for baking polymer clay or shrink plastic

• Any projects using glues such as Ranger Glossy Accents™, adhesives, decoupage – glues just peel
   off when dry

• Painting (to protect your work surface)

• Directly as a paint palette

• Any excess melted product, once cooled can be easily peeled off. So melted embossing powder
   can be peeled off for an embellishment, or excess paint can be peeled off and tossed.

• Use the Ranger Craft Scraper to easily scrape off stubborn glues and other mediums off of the Non-Stick Craft Sheet.

Care of Non-Stick Craft Sheet
To extend the use of the Ranger Non-Stick Craft Sheet, store rolled up or flat. Do not fold. Do not use as a surface for cutting.

Quick project ideas:
Create page or card embellishments with Glossy Accents™ – pebble-like dimensional embellishments can be created by simply pouring Glossy Accents directly onto the Non-Stick Craft Sheet in a circle or other shape and letting it dry for 24 hours. Once dry, peel off by lifting up the Non-Stick Craft Sheet off of your work surface and peel it away from the embellishment from underneath. Use with decorative papers or other ephemera. Cut to size of the embellishment and adhere with Glossy Accents!

Create page or card embellishments with UTEE and the Melting Pot™. Carefully pour melted UTEE from the Melting Pot onto the Non-Stick Craft Sheet in a puddle a little larger than your desired stamp and press stamp into hot UTEE. Let set for a few seconds, then lift off the stamp and you have a dimension accent for your artwork. This can be further embellished with either rubbing Adirondack® Metallic Mixatives or Posh Metallic Inkabilities™ on the raised surface of the UTEE. The UTEE embellishment will lift off the Non-Stick Craft Sheet easily.

See detailed instructions for a Monoprinting technique using the Non-Stick Craft Sheet and Adirondack® Alcohol Inks.