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Fabric-friendly Products

Fabric-friendly Products

A review of some fabric-friendly products from Ranger.

General Tips for Success:
1. Pre-wash fabric to remove sizing

2. Iron the fabric after washing when precision is needed for painting or stamping on fabric.
3. To ensure the best results, always create a test swatch with a piece of the fabric you will be using. Launder in the same way the garment will be laundered.
4. Anchor the fabric with tape or tacks. If you are using a t-shirt or other garment, insert a piece of cardboard cut to size so that the fabric is snug but not overstretched. This will protect the other side of the garment from bleed-through and prevent shifting when applying paint or ink.
5. Anything painted on 100 percent cotton will fade over time. It is the nature of the fabric.
6. Fabric with a 50/50 cotton/synthetic content usually holds up well after repeated washing.
7. Heat set when recommended in product instructions.
8. After crafting, wait 72 hours before laundering.

Ranger Acrylic Paint Dabbers – Matte paint in a convenient dabber. Dab and twist directly onto fabric to create polka dots. Open and pour out onto Non-Stick Craft Sheet and paint on fabric with a brush. Use Cut-n-Dry Foam or Nibs to apply paint to fabric.

Adirondack® Color Wash – Earthtone dyes in a 4oz. spray bottle. Spray or brush this vibrant water-based dye onto fabric. To blend tones, apply additional colors or spritz with water. Heat set with Iron or Heatit Craft Tool. After heat setting rinse to remove excess; dry. Consult Color Wash label for more detailed instructions on preparation & use.

Ranger Pigment Ink Pads  – These rich pigment inks work as well on fabric as they do on paper. Use the pad “direct to fabric” to colorize, wiping with the grain first one way, then the other. For stamping, tap the pad onto the stamp, making sure there is a generous application of ink before stamping into the fabric. Use reinkers to paint (shake well before squirting out onto a Non-Stick Craft Sheet) with Artist brush. Also use Cut-n-Dry Nibs, Cut-n-Dry Foam, or the Ink Blending Tool to apply the ink to fabric.

Archival Ink Pad™(Jet Black) – Stamp with this oil-based waterproof ink and let dry or speed drying with Heatit Craft Tool. Color in the image with inks or paints and the stamped image will stay crisp.

Ranger Artist Brushes –  a collection of 7 artist quality brushes with synthetic bristles with a luxurious feel and excellent resiliency. Use with all acrylic, watercolor and oil paints.

Ranger Sticky-Back Canvas –  Create embellishments to sew onto your fabric creations.   This self-adhesive canvas sheet works with manual die-cutting machines, and takes paints & mediums beautifully.  Sticky-Back Canvas is washable when sewn onto fabric.

Embossing Powder (Clear) & Embossit™ Pad (Clear)– For a faux batik look, use Embossit Clear Embossing Ink to stamp onto fabric. Sprinkle Clear Embossing Powder onto the stamped image. Emboss with Heatit Craft Tool. Let cool. Spray on Color Wash, then sandwich the fabric between two pieces of newsprint paper and iron out Embossing Powder(replacing the paper when needed).

Heatit™ Craft Tool
– Use this quiet, yet effective tool (it reaches a temperature of around 400°) to heat-set paints and inks on fabric.

Ranger Cut n’ Dry™ Foam, Felt & Nibs – Apply paints, pigment reinkers or To Dye For™ colorants to Cut-n-Dry Foam and use to apply color directly to fabric. You can also use it to create your own stamp pad. The gray foam backing may be heated and impressed to create a stamp. Cut-n-Dry Felt is great for use with dye inks. Both Felt and Foam may be cut into smaller pieces or shapes for the application of mediums. Cut-n-Dry Nibs are great for creating fine lines or coloring in detail with paint or dye.

Ranger Ink Blending Tool – Use this applicator with interchangeable foam to apply ink to fabric.

Ranger Brayers – Wrap your brayer with texture! Cover rollers with double sided tape, adhere lace, bubble wrap, etc., roll into ink or paint, and roll it over your fabric! Carve any design on Replacement Rollers and create a variety of textured rollers. Available in small, medium and large sizes.

Ranger Mini Misters™ – A fine mist sprayer that you can fill with water, Color Wash, dyes, diluted dye reinkers, paints, and more for countless techniques.

Ranger Non-Stick Craft Sheet & Craft Scraper – Use this large 15″ x 18″ sheet to protect your work surface. It’s heat resistant, so you can iron on it! It’s a fabulous re-useable palette; paints usually wash or peel right off. Use the Craft Scraper to easily remove stubborn dried paint, ink or glue.

Ranger White Opaque Pen – Use this free flowing, pigment ink pen over fabric areas decorated with Ranger Acrylic Paint Dabbers and Pigment Ink (heat set before washing).

Liquid Pearls™ – Use these pearlized dimensional paints straight from the needle nose tip, paint on with a brush, or mix with water to create washes of color.

Perfect Pearls™ & Ranger Clear Fabric Medium – Mix this glossy acrylic medium with Perfect Pearls and decorate fabric for shimmering color. Use Perfect Pearls brushes for painting on.

Melt Art® Melting Pot™ & Accessories
–The Melting Pot is an adjustable temperature pot used for melting Ultra Thick Embossing Powders. Use with a Melt Art Project Pan to melt Bees Wax. These melted mediums can be used for painting or stamping onto fabric as a base for batik. Simply decorate fabric with the melted medium, add color, let dry, thensandwich the fabric between two pieces of newsprint paper and iron out Embossing Powder or Bees Wax(replacing the paper when needed). Use Perfect Pearls brushes for painting, keep a dedicated brush for each medium.