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Sealing Chain & Rings with Vintaj Glaze

Sealing Chain & Rings with Vintaj Glaze

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Great tips and techniques for sealing metal jewelry with Vintaj Glaze!

Here are some great tips & techniques for sealing metal jewelry with Vintaj Glaze, brought to you by Jess from Vintaj Natural Brass.  These techniques were originally shared on the Vintaj blog, so be sure to check that out for more great ideas!

Over the years many of you have asked about sealing our natural metals. Vintaj Natural Brass, Artisan Copper and Arte Metal are not plated or treated with chemicals in any way. They are 100% natural, therefore, it is in a breathable state, which is why they are ideal for artistic applications. However, as with most natural metals, if it is exposed to high moisture for an extended period of time, it may oxidize. We now have the perfect solution for you if you would like to keep them in their original state! We developed a Glaze with Ranger to work as a metal sealer and Patina extender. Today I would like to share some helpful tips with you on how to use the Glaze as a metal sealer.

Use Vintaj Glaze to preserve exact color and texture of Vintaj Metals, regardless of where, when, and how much you wear and use them!

Vintaj Glaze features:
 Clear top coat and Patina extender for metal
– Non-yellowing, non-cracking
– Permanent when dry
– Fast drying, durable satin finish
– No acids

Also looking for a way to seal a natural brass filigree ring to avoid marks on your finger from the copper content? Here’s an easy way to seal the metal for long wear and use without the ring lightening and changing colors.