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Summertime Picnic Project with ICE Resin® & ICED Enamels

Summertime Picnic Project with ICE Resin® & ICED Enamels


Step 1: Separate the napkin. Laying the white layers aside and only using the top layer of the napkin, spread a thin layer of adhesive onto the wood shape and then gently place the napkin on top. Let dry for a few minutes.

TIP: Napkins are very thin and will stick to anything, be sure your fingers are free of glue.

Step 2: Once dry, gently tear or cut away excess and burnish the edges with your finger or a paper creaser.

Using a small disposable brush, apply ICED Enamels medium to the areas of your choosing for the Relique powder.

Step 3: Over a piece of paper, sprinkle the powder on the ICED Enamels medium area of your tag. Tap off excess back into the jar. Set aside. Repeat step 3 and 4 on all other tags.

With heat tool, heat the enameling powder until it all has melted and looks smooth without a grainy look. Repeat this step for all tags.

TIP: Keep the heat tool moving over the powder. If you keep it on one place, there is a potential to overheat this one area.

Step 4: Once tags are cooled, prepare ICE Resin®. Pour equal amounts of Part A and Part B into disposable cup. Gently stir/fold for 2 minutes and then let rest for 2 -5 minutes.

With gloves on, spread the ICE Resin® with the stirrer onto the tags as if frosting a cake. Set aside to dry 8-12 hours. Repeat on all tags.

TIP: To create a depth for the ICE Resin®, apply 2 coats of ICE Resin® allowing the drying time of 8 hours in between each layer.

Step 5: Once the tags are dry, cover the back with decorative paper and seal with ICED Enamels paper sealer.

Once the back is dry, begin to embellish with wire, charms, beads and pearls.

**EXTRAS**: To create the ICED enameled star, brush ICED Enamels medium onto star. Pour relique powder onto the star and tap off excess. Heat with the heat tool until the powder is melted and smooth. Seal with a layer of ICE Resin®.

To create the recipe/menu cardholder, adhere two clothespins to the back level with the bottom, as this will allow the wooden tag to stand up. Allow to dry.

To create a hostess gift, attach ribbon around a package of napkins with the same design. Wire wrap a loop onto the larger tag and slip onto the ribbon.