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UTEE Sea Shells

UTEE Sea Shells

Learn how to create dimensional, detailed sea shells using UTEE, Mold ‘n’ Pour and Perfect Pearls!

By Debbie Tlach

UTEE Sea Shells Step 1

Step 1: Approximate amount of Mold ‘n Pour needed. Mix equal parts together.

UTEE Sea Shells Step 2

Step 2: Quickly knead until a solid color is achieved.

UTEE Sea Shells Step 3

Step 3: Press Mold ‘n Pour onto shell & shape mold.  Cover no more than one half of the shell (so that object can be removed after mold has set). Press mold onto table, flattening bottom, so it will remain upright and level. (More Mold ‘n Pour may be added to original mold at any time if needed, even after it has set.) Let mold set up. This takes approximately 7 minutes. Lightly press your nail into the side of the mold to test for firmness.

UTEE Sea Shells Step 4

Step 4: Heat UTEE in melting pot and pour into mold.

UTEE Sea Shells Step 5

Step 5: When UTEE has completely cooled, pop hardened UTEE out of the mold.

UTEE Sea Shells Step 6

Step 6: Paint the shell with Ranger Acrylic Paint Dabber (Black Tie).

UTEE Sea Shells Step 7

Step 7: Paint with Perfect Pearls pigment powders mixed with water. These are from the Confections kit. (Blue Raspberry, Pink Gumball, Sour Apple, Grape Fizz)

UTEE Sea Shells Step 8

Step 8: Your shell is ready to enjoy as is or attach to canvas or other surface with Ranger Multi-Medium (Matte).