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A photo tour of the making of Metallic Distress Stains


Where do metallic stains come from?

You are always telling us how much you love the new Tim Holtz Metallic Distress Stains, so we thought you might be curious about where they come from. Recently while our team was making a fresh batch, we brought along a camera to document the process. Take a look at the following photos to get an inside look at the journey Metallic Distress Stains make before they end up in your next project!

Making of Metallic Stains 1Making of Metallic Stains 2Making of Metallic Stains 3Making of Metallic Stains 4Making of Metallic Stains 5Making of Metallic Stains 6Making of Metallic Stains 7Making of Metallic Stains 8Making of Metallic Stains 9Making of Metallic Stains 10Making of Metallic Stains 11Making of Metallic Stains 12Making of Metallic Stains 13Making of Metallic Stains 14Making of Metallic Stains 15Making of Metallic Stains 16Making of Metallic Stains 17

Not sure how to use Metallic Distress Stains in your next project? We have a video available in which Tim Holtz introduces this great product and shares some tips and techniques on how to use them.


23 thoughts on “A photo tour of the making of Metallic Distress Stains

  1. Thanks for sharing glimpses of the process to make the Metallic Stains. I find it so interesting to see all the work that goes into the making of things. Thanks for sharing !

  2. Glad the vat was not filled with gold, I’d think you were going to do a James Bond Goldfinger moment! I love seeing photos of the inside of your place!

  3. wow ! thanks for letting us have a peak into the chemistry. much apreciated. sjimmie from holland.

  4. So cool! I adore factory tours, I wish I could visit you and get a glimpse into all the fabulous wonderment that is Ranger!! My Metallic Distress stains are finally on their way to me (would have bought them earlier but I had to be an adult and be budget-responsible :p) … anywhoo, I can’t wait to start on some fab holiday projects with them!

  5. Kinda like Wonka’s Chocolate Factory for Adult Addicts of All Things Ranger!! VERY cool! I especially love the spinning vat o’ pewter.

  6. This reminded me of my favorite part on Mister Rogers when he showed the behind the scenes on how things were made. Fascinating!! Can’t wait to watch the video on how Tim uses them too.

  7. Wherever they come from, keep them coming. Love my distress stains, I use ten all the time. The metallic ones are so pretty.

  8. Who needs perfume? I could smell Ranger’s factory all day! It’s mesmerizing to see those awesome machines in action….like Willy Wonka’s spinning kaleidoscope wheel! Fun! And thank you for an awesome product…love my Metallic Stains!

  9. Fun photo collage of the metallic stain’s journey through the factory. Love seeing stuff like this and I absolutely love the new stains. Just got them the other day and they are fantastic. Definitely my new go to colourant these days!