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Ranger Blog: CHA 2016

CHA 2016 Recap – ICE Resin®

January 20th, 2016

It’s the final day of our CHA 2016 Recaps and last but not least we are featuring ICE Resin®!

First was Education Day with Susan Lenart Kazmer!

We had such a great time putting together the ICE Resin booth – even Alain felt inspired and made a custom ICE Resin demo table using old house shutters and filling the top of the table with many gallons of resin. Extreme ICE Resin-ing perhaps? 🙂

There were so many beautiful jewelry and mixed media samples that the booth started to resemble an art gallery!

Here are some mixed media projects using ICE Resin including ICE Resin paper

The new foils add color and dimension under the resin

There were so many fun things to learn at Susan Lenart Kazmer’s demo

She even agreed to model her multi layered necklace piece! 🙂

Jen Cushman shared some great techniques in her class


CHA 2016 Recap – Dina Wakley Media

January 19th, 2016

It’s the fourth day of our CHA 2016 Recap and today we are featuring Dina Wakley Media! Here is a recap of the show stay tuned for the last show recap featuring ICE Resin®!

Education day! We had so much fun being apart of Dina’s class.

Dina’s Designer Challenge really shows off her painterly style using the Distress Crayons on her new Media Board.

Demo time! It was wonderful to see how Dina can use her new products in so many different ways.

Here is her new Mica Sprays with her Media Paints on the new Media Board.

There were awesome swatch and sample display boards that really showcased her unique products and style.

And with no surprise, even her badge cannot be safe from her paints! 🙂

Work really felt like play with these kids around…

Watch Dina Wakley’s CHA demo here:


CHA 2016 Recap – Tim Holtz Distress

January 18th, 2016

It’s the third day of our CHA 2016 Recap and today we are featuring Tim Holtz Distress! Here is a recap of the show stay tuned for tomorrow’s Recap of Dina Wakley Media!

Education day! Tim introduces his new Distress Collage Mediums + Brushes plus the Distress Crayons.

The new Distress Crayons were a hit in the Make & Take

Here is a complete color chart displaying the new Crayon color assortment

Here’s Tim Holtz’s Designer Challenge featuring the Crayons on Dina Wakley Media Board

The booth was full of exciting new Distress boards showcasing new product

Alcohol Ink now finally has it’s own surface: Yupo

Did you know you can use ICE Resin to coat Alcohol Ink?

New Distress displays showcase the 2015 new colors

There were a lot of Periscopes at the show – hope you were able to catch some!

If not, here is Tim’s full demo on all of his new products:


CHA 2016 Recap – Dylusions

January 15th, 2016

It’s our second day of our CHA 2016 Recap and today we are featuring all things Dylusions! Here is a recap of the show and some fun behind the scenes. Stay tuned for Monday’s Recap of Tim Holtz Distress!

Booth & display board prep!

We started off the week with education day.

Plenty of kitchen rolls to go around! 🙂

There is a bunch of new Dylusions product this year – starting with 6 new luscious paint colors!

Dyan was SO proud of all of her display boards.

Here is a close up of her new Stencils display board including her new Bowl of Cherries, Breeze of Birds, Fronds of Foliage, It’s Raining Cats & Stash of ‘Tache!

This board features Dyan’s new Adhesive Canvas images and new Stamps.

Dyan’s handmade star book, Adhesive Canvas images and Postcards decor on her demo table.

She always has her tea with her! 🙂

The new Dylusions Coloring Sheets feature original Dyan Reaveley artwork for you to color.

Dyan likes to color with the Tim Holtz Waterbrush filled with her Ink Sprays.

Watch Dyan’s full demo at the show here:

We had a little visitor in the booth. Meet Cupcake! She and Dyan look like two peas in a pod!

We also had fun playing with Dina Wakley & Edgar

Stay tuned for Monday’s Recap of Tim Holtz Distress!


CHA 2016 Recap – Ranger & Wendy Vecchi

January 14th, 2016

Hi Everyone! We had such an amazing show this year and wanted to thank everyone who came, and the Ranger family who helped make it all happen. There’s a ton of great pictures and videos from the show that we want to share with you so every day we will be posting a recap by brand. Today we are featuring some behind the scenes, our Ranger brand products and Wendy Vecchi’s collections! Stay tuned tomorrow for a recap of Dylusions!

It was so nice to be in sunny California and take a break from the brisk weather back in New Jersey.

Here is our booth all set for the first day of the show. With 2 full days of set up, all of the exciting new products displayed, and the carpet nice and clean – we were ready to go!

Prior to the start of the first day of the show, Creative Director Tim Holtz took us around the booth for a final walk through which gets everyone excited.

Alain took this for me as I am far too short to capture this “birds eye view”. 🙂


This year we announced 6 new Ranger Dye Ink Pad colors: Raspberry Sorbet, Buttered Popcorn, Emerald Isle, Blue Yonder, Lavender Field & Cool Graphite. Featured here on our Ranger Ink Display Board along with our original 12 colors, these 6 new colors nicely complete the palette.

We also introduced these 6 fun colors in our Ranger Paint Dabbers.

There are so many great surfaces to ink, paint, stain and more that offer unique qualities for each of your projects.

Our Texture Tools line continues to grow with 6 new tool designs featured on the bottom row of our display board.


Our guest designer Anita Houston joined us at the booth demoing Ranger Inks & Paints along with one of our all time favorites – Perfect Pearls. Here is a short video of her faux leather surface technique using Black Cardstock, Perfect Pearls & the Ink Refresher/Distress Refresher.


The Archival Ink line has expanded featuring 4 new Signature Designer Mixed Media Ink Palettes that include 4 of each designer’s palette colors.

Each Signature Designer also now has their own Mica Spray collections! We love seeing how each designer uses their own set in different techniques.


Wendy Vecchi’s Signature Designer Series also includes 3 new garden palette colors: Garden Patina, Cactus Flower & Sunflower!

Wendy Vecchi demos her new products, shows how to use her Archival Ink over white Embossing Powder for a vibrant effect on black cardstock and also her new Mica Sprays! Watch the video here:

Justin breaking out the vacuum marks the end of day 1 🙂 Stay tuned tomorrow for a recap of Dylusions!