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Creativation 2017 | Dina Wakley Media Recap


It’s day three of our Ranger recaps and today we’re going to be sharing with you all the fun and excitement of the new products in the Dina Wakley Media line!

On the Friday night of our education day, we ended the day with Dina Wakley’s Mixed Media Mischief, where students were able to watch and learn how Dina applies her free spirit approach to color and composition when creating her mixed-media pieces. Her workshop students used her new products, including the Dina Wakley Media Scribble Sticks and the Dina Wakley Media Journal, to create personalized altered journal spreads.

The Ranger booth made sure to show many finished examples using both the Scribble Sticks and Media Journal. The booth included all the newest additions to the Dina Wakley Media line, including new stamps and stencils, Media Brushes and Media Tools, as well as your favorite Dina Wakley Media Acrylic Paints which are now available in 1 oz. bottles!

Dina’s Media Journal, Scribble Sticks, and 1 oz. Acrylic Paint bottles made their appearance in the Creativation Innovations showcase display as well!

The first day of the show, visitors of the Ranger booth were invited to play with the new Dina Wakley Media Scribble Sticks and color in Dina Wakley Media Board pins stamped with an image from her new Homage to Frida stamp set.

Applying the directly to surface or pulling pigment from the sticks themselves, there are so many ways to use Dina’s Scribble Sticks! Dina made sure to spend her time at her demo table teaching these uses and techniques, as well as explaining all the new products the Dina Wakley Media line has to offer.

Don’t forget about the Evolution of Distress Designer Challenge, Dina’s colorful artist abilities shined through using Distress Paints.

On the last day of the show, people made way to Dina’s demo table to fill out their color charts to bring home swatch samples of the Scribble Sticks.

Watch Dina Wakley’s product demo here:


6 thoughts on “Creativation 2017 | Dina Wakley Media Recap

    • I get to see Dina and play in her new journal and try out the new Scribble Sticks at Whim So Doodle on Feb 17! SO EXCITED!!!

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