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Creativation 2017 | ICE Resin® & Vintaj® Recap


On to day four of our Ranger recaps! Today’s product recap will feature Susan Lenart Kazmer ICE Resin® and Vintaj®.

With so many uses of ICE Resin®, there were two separate workshops offered this year at Creativation, one focusing on jewelry techniques and the other on applying ICE Resin® into mixed media projects. The first workshop, ICE Resin® Transparent Illusions, Susan taught her students how to make resin paper to achieve translucent effects using ephemera, tissue, and more. Once the resin paper was made, students applied their paper into a mixed media journal.

Jewelry and mixed media pieces made the perfect accent pieces along the worn, wooden doors that made up the ICE Resin® display booth this year. The booth included colorful swatch charts of ICE Resin® Tints, German Glass Glitter and the new German Glass Glitter Shards, the Tissue Paper Assortment, and so much more. The displayed jewelry made such to give and inspirational touch just to show just how much could be created with this great product!

ICE Resin® Tissue Paper, the ICE Resin® Squeegee, and ICE Resin® German Glass Glitter were just a few of the products showcased in the Innovations display case.

For jewelry makers, or those who wanted to learn more about the process, there was an opportunity to learn more from the master metalsmith herself, Susan Lenart Kazmer. The second workshop offered was ICE Resin® Alchemy, where students learned how to use ICE Resin® Bezels, ICE Resin® Inclusions and more to design and create wearable works of art.

During the show, as visitors stopped by the booth, they were able to watch live demos to learn more about the newly released products and the many uses.

Watch Susan Lenart Kazmer introduce a few of her new products in the videos below:

Vintaj® also had a new release this year of 5 new colors, including 2 new metallic patina colors. The new release of colors included Malachite, Deep Turquoise, Pyrite, Rose Gold, and White Gold. The Ranger booth displayed these new colors as well as the entire palette and the Vintaj® product line. Final pieces were displayed to show the beauty of the patinas and how they work.


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