UTEE Faux Porcelain Pin Make-It-Take-It, CHA Summer 2011 By Tim Holtz

UTEE Faux Porcelain Pin Make-It-Take-It,
CHA Summer 2011


(1) Cut chipboard to fit inside Ornate Plate.

(2) Cover chipboard piece with Tissue Tape.

(3) Pour clear UTEE into Melting Pot and let melt until liquid.

(4) Secure wire to Prima rose leaving a 3–4″ tail.

(5) Dip flower into melted UTEE until coated.

(6) Hold flower over Melting Pot allowing excess UTEE to drip off.

(7) Set flower aside to cool completely.

(8) Apply Multi-Medium to the head of the clutch pin and push through chipboard.

(9) Create a hole for the flower in teh chipboard using Craft Pick.

(10) Cut three pieces of 1″ x 3″ tulle. Take one piece of tulle and make a knot around the other two pieces.

(11) Wrap flower wire around bunched tulle.

(12) Insert flower wire into hole.

(13) Wrap wire around the clutch pin stem twice and trim any excess.

(14) Adhere chipboard piece inside Ornate Plate with Multi-Medium. Let dry.

(15) Remove paper backing from canvas, piercing through clutch pin stem, while adhering to back of Ornate Plate.

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