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Guess this Ranger Product!


The weekend is finally here! Yay! To celebrate, it is time for yet another Guess This Ranger Product! Here you go:

Guess This Ranger Product

Be sure to swing by our Facebook page tomorrow where we will post a hint, then come back on Monday to find out what it is!


27 thoughts on “Guess this Ranger Product!

  1. Surface kraft tags……..brown in plastic bag
    with 3 green circled with black strip labels on bag.

  2. I’m gonna guess a Mowed Lawn Distress Ink Pad!? I think it’s the best guess!! Thanks for the FUN!! I hope you all at Ranger have a Fabulous Easter Weekend!! 😉

  3. Revising my last guess…I now think it is a bottle of Distress Paint in Mowed Lawn.