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Handmade Gifts for Every Mom : The Mom Who Loves to Host


The Mom Who Loves to Host |

It’s the 5th and final day of our week of Mother’s Day handmade gift ideas. If you haven’t found your gift idea the past week, then today’s is a great gift for any mom who loves having company over. Having the entire family together is one of the little things in life that brings her so much joy. Whether it’s only a few times a year that everyone can get together, or maybe it’s a few times a week, nothing brings a bigger smile to her face than looking up and seeing everyone enjoying time spent with each other. Using Archival Re-Inkers, Acrylic Paint, and ICE Resin, you can transform plain white bathroom tiles into beautiful marbled works of art. Select a color that matches her home interior, or make each tile a pop of different color, the possibilities are endless! If she’s known to host a large crowd, make her a more than a set of four, so everyone can have their own when celebrating. Click the link below to see a full step-by-step tutorial so you can start making these coasters for your social butterfly!

We’re so glad that you have joined us this past week, we hope that our DIY gifts have inspired you to make your mom a special handmade gift this year!

Find this tutorial in our Projects Library: Marbled Coasters by Taylor Huizenga


One thought on “Handmade Gifts for Every Mom : The Mom Who Loves to Host

  1. I really like the look of the dipped colors–what a fun and useful project!