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Meadow Floral by Nicole Wright


Meadow Floral by Nicole Wright |

Guest Designer Nicole Wright shares with us how she used Mini Archival Inks to create this pretty little floral card!

Find Nicole’s tutorial in our Projects Library: Meadow Floral by Nicole Wright


3 thoughts on “Meadow Floral by Nicole Wright

  1. What a gorgeous card, its for sure one who holds the summer.
    Love the way you combine the different sorts of ink, I don’t think often enough to do that sort of things.
    Thanks for that and the clear explenation in your tutorial.

  2. This tutorial is perfectly “stepped-out”! I find, with so many tutorials, that some important details seem to be skipped over, then, others are just “too detailed”. Nicole has a delightful way of “walking us through” at just the right pace…not too fast for a beginner and not too slow for a crafter that’s able to get through more challenging steps. Super job, as always, Nicole…good for Ranger, to invite Nicole back, again, as a Guest Designer! I look forward to many more visits!