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Media Paint Combs with Dina Wakley


Ranger Signature Designer Dina Wakley joins us today with a video showing some fun tips and techniques for using her Paint Combs!


10 thoughts on “Media Paint Combs with Dina Wakley

  1. WOW … how fun is that ! Just so much creative fun… never tried … may have to in the future !
    Boy Ranger, with all these amazing Designers ( Tim, Dyan,Wendy, Dina) we will NEVER run out of things to do 🙂

    • Ask for them at your local store! If you don’t have a local store, consider Googling and calling a store, many will happily ship to you.

    • I LOVE Dina’s paint combs! And to Mo, Call Whim So Doodle in St. Petersburg, Florida. I KNOW they have Dina’s stuff! They have everything Ranger! I am so lucky to have them as my Local Craft Store and they will ship almost anywhere! 727-827=4911

  2. I’m not in your way, Dina. Thrive and Live in Prosperity. I love the color black and I don’t mind the black “background” in the packaging. You can relax. This is not a race or a competition. Creativity comes from the soul. I like to apply my gesso with a palate knife. It’s just as “easy pease”.