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NEW: Metallic Vintaj Patinas, and Open Stock Studio Mini Paints & Mediums

We’re back, with more great products that will be making their debut in the Ranger booth at CHA Summer 2012!


We’re back, with more great products that will be making their debut in the Ranger booth at CHA Summer 2012!

Vintaj Patinas made quite a splash when we debuted them at the Winter CHA show, so we are very excited to announce two new kits:

That’s right, Vintaj Patinas are now available in 4 metallic colors!  In the Treasured Heirloom collection you’ll find Nouveau Silver and Victorian Gold, while in the Ancient Coin collection you’ll have Aged Bronze and Antique Copper.  These opaque, metallic Patinas are specially formulated to adhere to metal findings and jewelry blanks.  Mix and match them with the original 15 blendable Patinas colors to create a multitude of patina effects on jewelry and embellishments!

We are also happy to announce that the Claudine Hellmuth Studio Mini Acrylic Paints and Mini Art Mediums are now available open stock!  Now you can purchase your favorite colors and mediums without needing to buy an entire set of five.  The portable .5 oz bottles are ideal for sampling new colors of these highly pigmented paints, or for travel to classes and crops.  You can apply the paints and mediums directly from the needle-nose applicator tip to create dots, squiggles and lines, or use a paintbrush for wider coverage.

For more information about the new Metallic Vintaj Patinas or open stock Studio Mini Paints and Mediums, be sure to check out their official press releases!


38 thoughts on “NEW: Metallic Vintaj Patinas, and Open Stock Studio Mini Paints & Mediums

  1. Been wanting to try the studio paints, but can’t afford too many large jars just to try them. The patinas look great too.

  2. The new patinas look fantastic. And I love the little bottles. So much easier to transport and experiment with!

  3. The new vintaj patinas look very nice, can especially see them mixed with the original colours.

    I like that the medias and acrylic paints are available individually in such a small size. I often find myself looking for a colour that I know I’ll only use a small amount of and buying a big bottle feels like such a waste. Great also for testing art mediums you aren’t sure of if it’s the right type for the projects at hand. E.g. I’d love to try black gesso, but in the shops I can only find huge jars, which is kind of pricey if I don’t end up using it very often.

  4. Am especially excited about the metallic Vintaj patinas–looks like fun! Look forward to seeing some ideas of how to use 🙂

  5. Great idea with the Vintaj metallic colours. I really like metallic colours and it does not matter what medium I am working with, metallic is always my first choice that I purchase!

  6. Very excited about the new Patina colors (especially the Bronze/Copper set).

    The new (cute) paint and medium sizes of Claudine’s paints are fabulous too!

  7. I love the new patinas & also the fact that I can now get smaller bottles of the paints & mediums. Thanks Ranger!

  8. Gonna have to get those patinas and I am going to give the paints a try..fabulous idea to have the wee sizes!

  9. I can’t wait to see these paints in the stores…I do think that they will be perfect for crops.

  10. Cannot wait to try out the new patinas! I am so happy that the studio paints are now available as minis. Thanx so much! 🙂

  11. fantastic to see the little bottles of paint! I always wanted to try them but didn’t want to buy whole bottles of them. I think these are perfect for me!

  12. Love the new products and being able to get the paint in the 0.5 oz bottles will be a great addition.

  13. I love Vintaj patinas so to have 4 metallic colours to add to my collection is a dream come true. Thanks Ranjer & Vintaj.

  14. Ooooh, I’m so excited for the mini paints! They’re the perfect size for trying out colors, and the tips should make for easier mixing of colors.

  15. This is so freakin exciting I hope they are shipped quicker than last time cause we have only just been able to get the patina in oz but they were so worth the wait

  16. THNAK YOU RANGER! For putting Caludine’s Studio Paints and Mediums out in open stock. You guys are the BEST!

  17. Love te size of the paint bottles. I will be more likely to try it in these smaller bottles as I don’t do much painting. Love the patinas too.

  18. Oh, cool! I love those little bottles! They fit so nicely into my traveling kit, so I can have bright cheery colors where ever I go.

  19. LOVE the singles of Studio paints!! I’ve been waiting and waiting for this to happen. Thank you Ranger!!!

  20. This is great! I bought the sets of mini Studio paints and mediums, but now I can feel free to use up any and all that I want and can replace them as I go, without repurchasing an entire set of five bottles. Very good. Hope the individual bottles are widely distributed and easy to find.

  21. I love the opportunity to buy Claudine’s paint in the smaller bottles. They are so convenient and easy to use!

  22. Great idea – small bottles of paint you can replace as needed! Love the colors!

  23. YEAH!! Love the new patina colors and also the FUN new paints!! I would LOVE to have my FAVORITE colors to travel with!! YEAH!! THANKS for sharing and have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

  24. Love the little bottles of Studio paint being open stock. They are the perfect size to have around.

  25. I love the Vintaj patinas, and metallic variations will be even better….and love Claudines cute little Studio paints~I cold eat them like candy they look so yummy!