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NEW: Stickles Dry Glitter, Emboss It Dabber and Sticky Embossing Powder


The CHA Summer 2012 show is next week!  It’s high time we start sharing some of the new Ranger products that will make their debut at the show, don’t you think?

Did you ever wish that you could take the same fabulous glitter inside Stickles Glitter Glue and just shake, shake, shake it all over everything you see?  Well, now you can: introducing Stickles Dry Glitter!  Available in 24 of the same Stickles shades you know and love, with all of the bling but none of the glue for the ultimate in sparkly versatility!  Shake it over Inkssentials Wonder Tape or over….

New Ranger Sticky Embossing Powder!  Just stamp out an image with embossing ink, shake Sticky Embossing Powder over top of it, and warm it up with the Heat It Craft Tool.  The powder will create a sticky surface, perfect for adhering Stickles Dry Glitter, foils, flocking, micro beads and more!

And what better way to ink up your stamps with embossing ink than to use the new Ranger Emboss It Dabber?  The convenient dabber top makes it easy to ink large stamps or even to cover entire surfaces!

For more information about Stickles Dry Glitter or the new Ranger embossing products, be sure to check out their official press releases!


103 thoughts on “NEW: Stickles Dry Glitter, Emboss It Dabber and Sticky Embossing Powder

  1. Wow! Such innovative and awesome new products. Can’t wait to stickle powder everything & I really like that new embossing dabber – way cool!

  2. I am not normally a glitter girl…..but I think you will have me converted in not time flat!! I love the dabber and that I would be able to use this with my stamps to glitter them up!

    • Well, you American ladies raelly put us Brits to shame with your crafts! This site is raelly inspirational, with some raelly original ideas. If this is in any way an example of what you all get up to, then hats off!

  3. Wow how do you keep thinking up new ideas??? The sticky embossing powder looks very interesting. I’ll have to smash my piggybank again

  4. Oh yummy! All of these products are genius! Can’t wait to get my hands on some of that glitter!

  5. Way cool! Can’t wait to try these out. My head is spinning with the possibilities

  6. All three are must haves! Great ideas.But it is hard for me to get excited after the delivery fiasco with the distress pens. I pre-paid for pens that were not delivered as promised to manufacturer, and as I waited I even moved! 3 states away! So when I finally did receive them everything was in storage and I have yet to play with them. Very disappointing. Have to fixed your delivery issues this time?? I hope you will address this as I know there are many of us long time customers still burning from winter2012

  7. I want it all!!! Yes – I mean every last piece and I want it NOW!! Okay – I know you all work miracles, but I’m not imagining that my little WANTS are going to change what you can do. I would say this is definitely a home run for you AGAIN!!! Thnak you very much!!!! Now to get my dollars saved up and ready. Inovative and right in line with things I wanted and didn’t know how to put into words!!! By the way – is there an e-mail that goes out from your company with this!!! I had to hear it second hand. Really would like some first hand notification!!! But anyway – thanks Ranger!

  8. So much glittery goodness I don’t even know where to start! Those look like a lot of fun! Can’t wait to get my hands on some of those!! Thanks for the preview!

  9. Oh my goodness Ranger how is it possible that you just get better and better! I simply have to get at least 2 of those emboss daubers eeeekkkkk what a fab idea and loose stickles yummy!

  10. Wow! 26 brand new products I never knew I needed, but definitely do. You have really got my imagination going. How did I craft without sticky embossing powder to turn any of my stamps into foiled / flocked / glittered images? And how easy will it be to apply embossing ink with a dabber? Can’t wait to get my hands on them.

  11. I am a bit of a stickles addict & have almost every colour. So, to get the glitter loose is a dream come true. There will be so many more things I can do with them. Thanks Ranger.

  12. I can’t wait to get these products! Ranger has really been listening. Hooray!

  13. WOW, can’t wait. The dabber will be great for my large stamps. Dry glitter the same color as stickles, what a wonderful addition.

  14. I got to say I am really enthusiastic about the Sticky Embossing powder and the Emboss it dabber. What a genious idea!

  15. WOW! My first impression is …they will be so much easier to use…less mess, and especially great-less cleanup! Love it!

  16. All these new goodies! My wish list is getting longer and longer and longer! cannot wait!

  17. Can’t wait to try the embossing powder. Making a list for my LSS to order!

  18. Love the new products, especially the sticky embossing powder. I have been looking for a product like this one for a long time and now Ranger has it. Thank you.

  19. WOW – great new products – will make it much easier to put glitter EVERYWHERE !

  20. Sticky embossing powder? OMG, I didn’t know that I needed that but clearly I will have to have it! 🙂 Great new products.

  21. These new products sound great, can’t wait till I can get my hands on them!

  22. I am really excited about all 3 of these products.I imagine your glitter will be superlative.

  23. Wow! Great new additions. Would love to try some of that dry glitter – especially platinum. Great color!

    Thanks for the preview!