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New Vintaj Products and Craft Spinner Extension Kit!


Faded Pickup Patinas PackagedWith CHA just around the corner, we thought it’s time to start sharing some of the things you can expect at the show. Today, Ranger is proud to announce all new Vintaj products that will be available in February 2013.

First, we are launching two new Patina color kits – Painted Barn and Faded Pickup. The painted barn kit includes new colors Garnet, Marble, and Earth, while the Faded Pickup kit includes Lapis, Emerald, and Topaz.

Are there one or two colors from one of the old kits that you wish you could get a little more of? Also starting in February, the entire collection of Patina colors will be available in open stock and Vintaj Glaze will also be available in a smaller .5 oz bottle, which is convenient for travel!

Finally, if your Craft Spinner feels a bit crowded, we will start offering a Craft Spinner Extension Kit this month that adds a second level to your existing Craft Spinner. This additional tier will allow your Craft Spinner to accommodate an additional 8 Ink Blending Tools!

You can head on over to our press page for more information on these new products or stop by our booth at CHA to check them out for yourself!


24 thoughts on “New Vintaj Products and Craft Spinner Extension Kit!

  1. Love the new products! The new Patinas…yummmm…I like the Faded Pickup best. The Craft Spinner Extension adds to the original and makes it space friendly! Thanks for the great new products…can’t wait until I can get them!!!

  2. YEAH!! Looking forward to the NEW colors and the Craft Spinner extension!! THAKS for sharing and I can’t wait to see what other goodies will be on there way to us!! =) SO EXCITED!! Have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

  3. I have yet to try out the Vintag patinas but have been wanting too! The new colors look like a fun addition to the line!

  4. Just what I needed – an extension to my craft spinner! Great idea. Thank You. Can’t wait to see what other new goodies you have for us.

  5. Yummy, yummy colors! You guys keep me bankrupt all the time with your fabulous products! LOL

  6. Love seeing all the new products getting ready to be released. Hate having to wait for them to show up in the stores. Patience is NOT one of my virtues.

  7. Excited about the new Vintaj colors. Also excited to try them at CHA – just received information that I will be able to attend the workshop. Counting the day.

  8. wonderful that you can now extend the spinner, and the new colors sound fabulous. thanks!

  9. The patinas are gorgeous, but I am so excited about the extension for the spinner! Thanks for making such great and versatile products!

  10. Oh my, I LOVE the new Painted Barn set…and I love that they will be available individually!!! And YAY on the Craft Spinner extension!!!!!