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Ranger’s 2012 Warehouse Sale is just around the corner!

What’s more exciting than spinning the big wheel and landing on a $1.00? That’s right it’s the Ranger Warehouse Sale!


2012 Ranger Warehouse Sale

We are pleased to announce that the 2012 Warehouse Sale will be held on Saturday, September 15th from 9am to 2pm.

For this one-day only event, a wide selection of discontinued and slightly imperfect arts & crafts and scrapbooking supplies will be available to the public. Many of the items will be priced 50% to 75% off WHOLESALE pricing!

What kinds of items can you expect to find? How about stamp pads, glitter glues, embossing powders, embellishments…. and much more!

All sales are in-person only, so just drop by the Ranger headquarters at 15 Park Road in Tinton Falls, NJ 07724. We’re directly across from Applebee’s Restaurant off of Hope Road.

Don’t forget to bring checks and/or cash… sorry, but credit cards will not be accepted.

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35 thoughts on “Ranger’s 2012 Warehouse Sale is just around the corner!

    • I bribed my 12 yr old with free lunch last year..we left with over 25 lbs of merchandise! It was AMAZING!!!

  1. I am all the way on the other coast! Curses! I would love to get a chance to explore the Ranger Warehouse! 🙁

    • OH NOOOOOOOOO!!! I have been stressing because we are goingon vacation and I KNEW it would be the day we leave..BUT IT ISN’T! Yay!…so sorry you will be gone. 🙁

    • Sooooo excited! I had a blast at last years and bought SO MUCH PRODUCT!! It was AWESOME!.. I live over 2.5 hrs away-..can you say ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!??

      Looking forward to it!

  2. Not fair, and I’m sure I speak for everyone in the UK, I’m so unhappy that I cant be at the sale …… 🙁

  3. Like everyone else I wish I could go and see the Ranger Warehouse! That would be more important to me than getting products at a bargain. But it’s just not possible for me to travel there from Holland 🙂

  4. I’m booking my flight now! LOL maybe you could put this sale on the road. Give us out of towers a chance.

  5. Oh my word why can this be a on the road sale … grr I live in North Idaho…. it is to far to drive.

  6. DARN DOUBLE DARN. This will be the first (oops second) i Have missed since they started. To all those who shop. Miss me big time please and to those who do not, pass a local frined a few wish list items. Maybe you will gt lucky.

    Hey, next year, can you contact me before you pick a weekend for it?

  7. So disappoited that you moved the date to Sept, when it’s been the first weekend in Oct for so many years. I even have my plane ticket to be in NJ the 2nd of Oct in anticipation. Major bummer……….but I’ve learned my lesson! I won’t book a flight until you post the date! Wishing you a great sale.

  8. Wondering who I can travel with – 2-1/2 hrs. from home. Anyone up for a carpool from Maryland/Del.?? – DS won’t mind too much if I’m not at his soccer game yelling and cheering loudly. I will be better next game, since I’m sure I will be happier with my bounty…

  9. I would be there if i llived there…I live on the west coast now…So sad…Your products are the best..So sad i am foing to miss this…:(

    Can you do a on line wherehouse sale…So we can get some good buys…:) Thank you

  10. I so want to go! Can anyone comment how the parking is? Is it a crazy madhouse?…although I know in my heart it must be good because it’s Ranger.

  11. I will be there with my scrapbooking tiara on! My scrappy sisters from Croppers Delight NYC and wil be there as well! Love love love this sale!

  12. I will be there with a Ranger Sale virgin-Sharla, my scrappy sisters from Croppers Delight NYC, and my girls Gretchen and Charlotte! Love love love this sale!

  13. Bummer. The first weekend of October was open for it this year. 🙁 Guess I doomed to never be able to make it……