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Shark Week Project!


Shark Week

It’s that time of year again – Discovery’s Shark Week! Many of you out there go all out for this extravaganza of shark-themed programming. We’ve seen all sorts of super fun ideas across the Internet that can make a Shark Week party just that much more fun… from shark cupcakes to sea-themed drinks. Today, we’re going to show you how to make this awesome Shark Fin Hat designed by Ranger’s Debbie Tlach.

Daaa… dum…


Awesome! Let’s get started. First, click here to download the shark fin template. Using the template (or your own drawing skills) cut 2 shark fin shapes from pieces of Ranger Kraft Paper. Next, apply your favorite color ink directly to both papers. We used the new Wendy Vecchi Designer Series Archival Ink Pad in Watering Can so it looks like a real shark!

Simply tape the inside edges together with wonder tape and attach ribbon to the sides of the fin. Put on your fin, grab your popcorn, and turn on Discovery for Shark Week!


6 thoughts on “Shark Week Project!

  1. Well, it has to be said: That’s a fintastic project! Y’all crack me up πŸ™‚