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Studio “Moments with Dad” Mini Book



Have a few photos that you’d like to share with Dad this Father’s Day? Michelle McCosh shows you how to make an easy mini book that you can add all of your special memories to.

For this project you will need:




1. Cut two pieces of Manila cardstock to 6×9 inches. Use the Movers and Shapers Moments Tim Holtz die to cut a window in the center of one of the pieces of cardstock. Use a ruler to draw a line above and below the word, then draw a half oval above the word and below word. Cut out window using a craft knife and self- healing mat. Working on the Non-Stick Craft sheet, use a Craft Scraper and add some molding paste to one side of each piece of cardstock. This will become your front and back covers. Applying molding paste unevenly will create texture marks. Dry with the Ranger Heat-It tool. Use Studio Gesso to completely cover the front and back of both pieces of cardstock. Again, dry with the Heat-It tool.


2. Using a baby wipe, first rub Butterscotch paint over the entire cover in a circular motion. Let dry, then using the same baby wipe add a little Espresso paint randomly. Let dry. Rub a little with a fresh baby wipe. You can let the paint dry a little and then rub some of the paint off in areas.


3. This photo shows a closeup of the texture you will get from using this technique. Repeat for the back side of the front cover and both sides of the back cover.


4. To color the watercolor pages: Add various Distress Inks in shades of brown to the Craft Sheet and spray them with water. Smoosh the watercolor paper through the ink and dry with the heat tool. Repeat as many times as necessary to get the look you want. Do this for all the pages in the book.


5. To transfer printed image: Apply a thin layer of Matte Multi-Medium to the inked watercolor paper. Do not use too thick of a layer or too thin. It should still be shiny (wet) when you have finished applying the Multi-Medium. Place your photocopy face down onto the Multi-Medium and burnish well with the craft scraper. While your image is still damp peel up one corner of the photocopy. Your image will have transferred to the watercolor paper. If the image is still too wet it will not transfer, lay the photocopy down, burnish again and wait another minute. If the multi-medium is too dry, pulling the photo copy paper will be difficult work. In this case, spray the photocopy paper with water and rub lightly with your finger to remove the paper backing which will reveal your transferred image.


6. This image is from the town in England where I was born and this is the image that you see through the window of the front cover.


7. The second page of the book also features a transferred photo. I attached a photo of my Dad and me and accented with some Tim Holtz Idea-ology Pieces and a Ranger ATC Manila card.


8. Diecut letters with chipboard and cardstock using the Tim Holtz Alterations dies. Paint the chipboard and cardstock letters with the paint Dabbers in Butterscotch, Espresso and Terra Cotta paint dabbers. Adhere to the front cover with Glossy Accents. Use the Archival Ink to accent the edges of the pages and cover. Bind the book using Manila cardstock and an accordion fold, cover the cardstock accordion folds with Tissue Tape.


6 thoughts on “Studio “Moments with Dad” Mini Book

  1. I have the privilege to take classes with Michelle constantly. She is an artist and know all about the Rangers products and takes them to a new fun level. I love this mini book! Proud of you Michelle! Cheers ESS!

  2. Cool book Michelle, and very do-able in time for Father’s Day! I love how you cut the oval around the title, and the manila tag embellishment on the page with the photo of you and your Dad. What Dad wouldn’t love this?! And bonus, it will be fun to make because of all of the techniques you have included. Thank you!

  3. Michelle, I love the “Moments” book and the photo of you with your father!

  4. Love this project, Michelle! You always come up with the best ideas. You used some great techniques and it’s just wonderful to see your inspiration here!!

  5. Wow – amazing project Michelle! Since I got to watch while you created this project, I would urge people to give it a go… there are a lot of techniques and new ways to use product… awesome!