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Summer Seasonal Distress Inks!

Just in time for some serious summer time crafting fun — Ranger is happy to introduce the Tim Holtz Summer Seasonal Distress Inks!


Just in time for some serious summer time crafting fun — Ranger is happy to introduce the Tim Holtz Summer Seasonal Distress Inks!

These hot summer-inspired hues are available both in a 3-pad set, and as individual re-inkers. ย The Summer Seasonal Distress Ink set is a limited-edition and quantities are limited, so be sure to order yours today!

Tim has even created a video introduction to these vibrant new shades for your viewing pleasure!

For more information regarding Summer Seasonal Distress Inks, be sure to check out the official press release.


91 thoughts on “Summer Seasonal Distress Inks!

  1. More awesomeness!!! Thank you Tim and Ranger!!!! Can’t wait to play with them!

  2. I will just have to say THANKS for the bright colors. Bright colors were the only think missing from the distress inks cant wait to see what else is to come

  3. What beautiful colours! So glad there is now a “proper” green in the range – it is so vibrant! And the pink – oh my…. and the blue… OK, so I love them all!!!

  4. Raspberry is the colour I have been waiting for!! Everytime I use my distress inks I’m thinking, where is the hot pink? And here it is, and it is gorgeous, just the way I love it, with a touch of magenta. Thanks.

  5. The picture really doesn’t do the new inks justice but Tim’s video sure does. The video really shows how vibrant these new inks are. I still need to get the spring release but will be adding this set to my wishlist.

  6. These new colors are wonderful and I love the names. Fresh raspberries are the best. I love the smell of cut grass and once in a while we get a breeze that brings the ocean scent with it. Perfect summer inks.

  7. LOVE the new colors!!!!!!!! They will go perfectly with Dyan’s spray inks, too!!! Can’t wait to get my hands on the new Summer seasonals!!!!

  8. Wow…I was really hoping for a set of Summer Seasonal Distress Ink and voila…Ranger and Tim have come through again! I love the vibrant colors of this set, which will definitely add round out my collection of seasonal inks. I was hoping for a brighter chartreuse green and a brighter (competition) yellow, but regardless, I love what is coming out and that Picked Raspberry…swoon…and reinkers too! Thanks Ranger & Tim! Love your products!

  9. Those mowed land also smell as good as fresh cut grass? Lol. I am so excited for these new colors and can’t wait to get my hands on them too!

  10. WOW!! Love the bright colors that shout “Summer is here!”. You’ve done it again! Perfect!

  11. Yummmmalicious! Looks like t!m is taking a page from Dyan’s color pallete!! Can’t wait to get my hands on these.

  12. Oh my, just week I found out there were seasonal pads and all and I was able to find myself a winter and spring set…autumn no where to be found here in The Netherlands I guess ๐Ÿ™
    And now these new colors…simply just HAVE to have them, LOL!
    Question though…will there be an additional blank color chart on the seasonal sets? Oh and will the label template also be updated soon with all the seasonal colors? Love to get organized again ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Oh these are lovely!! I love these colors together and it will go with so many of the things I’m working on.

  14. WOW! Just when I think you can’t come up with better distress colours, you do! I love all three colours but the mowed lawn and salty ocean are my favourite (out of all distress colours, not just the summer edition).

  15. I love these new Summer colors and am still giddy that you have made reinkers for all the Seasonal D.I.’s~thank you, Ranger!

  16. I just started using Distress Ink recently and I am really, really excited about these new colors! Horray for summer!!

  17. Absolutely love the colors. Even the names are perfect for them. Cant decide which is my favorite tho. Cant wait to get my hands on them …