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Dylusions Stencils

Dylusions Stencils by Ranger Signature Designer Dyan Reaveley! Dyan's unique, eclectic style comes through in the original artistic stencil designs she created. Available in a variety of designs, the stencils come in two sizes for flexibility in completing craft projects large and small: 9" x 12" and 5" x 8".
  • Available in a variety of artistic designs
  • Two sizes of designs: 9" x 12" and 5" x 8"
  • Use with Dylusions Ink Sprays
  • Use with Inks, Markers, Paints, Perfect Pearls and more
Arrow Circles Diamond Shapes Stars
Arrows Circles Diamonds Shapes Stars
9x12 - DYS44260 9x12 - DYS44277 9x12 - DYS44284 9x12 - DYS44291 9x12 - DYS44307
5x8 - DYS44321 5x8 - DYS44338 5x8 - DYS44345 5x8 - DYS44352 5x8 - DYS44369
9x12 - DYS44314
5x8 - DYS44376
Alphabet Border
Blocks Bubbles Shattered Triangles Alphabet Border
9x12 - DYS40613 9x12 - DYS40620 9x12 - DYS40637 9x12 - DYS40644 9x12 - DYS39518
5x8 - DYS40651 5x8 - DYS40668 5x8 - DYS40675 5x8 - DYS40682 5x8 - DYS38399
Flower Medley Leaf Flourish Staggered Brickwork Dylusions Stencils - Chequered Dots Dylusions Stencils - Diamond of a Border
Flower Medley Leaf Flourish Staggered Brickwork Chequered Dots Diamond of a Border
9x12 - DYS38412 9x12 - DYS39501 9x12 - DYS38405 9x12 - DYS33981 9x12 - DYS34001
5x8 - DYS38375 5x8 - DYS38382 5x8 - DYS38368 5x8 - DYS34216 5x8 - DYS34230
Dylusions Stencils - Dotted Flowers Dylusions Stencils - Letter Jumble Dylusions Stencils - Luscious Leaves Dylusions Stencils - Number Jumble
Dotted Flowers Letter Jumble Luscious Leaves Number Jumble Ho Ho Holly
9x12 - DYS34018 9x12 - DYS33981 9x12 - DYS34032 9x12 - DYS33998 9x12 - DYS35688
5x8 - DYS34216 5x8 - DYS34254 5x8 - DYS34261 5x8 - DYS34223 5x8 - DYS35725
Let It Snow Oh Christmas Tree
9x12 - DYS35695
5x8 - DYS35718 5x8 - DYS35732
Annie Flossie
Fred Lottie Ruby Annie Flossie
9x12 - DYS40811 9x12 - DYS40828 9x12 - DYS40835 9x12 - DYS37866 9x12 - DYS37842
9x12 - DYS37859