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Dylusions Stencils

Dylusions Stencils by Ranger Signature Designer Dyan Reaveley! Ranger has partnered with Crafter's Workshop to bring fine quality stencils to the Dyan Reaveley Dylusions brand. Dyan's unique, eclectic style comes through in the original artistic stencil designs she created. Available in a variety of designs, the stencils come in two sizes for flexibility in completing craft projects large and small: 9" x 12" and 5" x 8".

  • Available in a variety of artistic designs
  • Two sizes of designs: 9" x 12" and 5" x 8"
  • Use with Dylusions Ink Sprays
  • Use with Inks, Markers, Paints, Perfect Pearls and more



Alphabet Border  
Blocks Bubbles Shattered Triangles Alphabet Border  
9x12 - DYS40613 9x12 - DYS40620 9x12 - DYS40637 9x12 - DYS40644 9x12 - DYS39518  
5x8 - DYS40651 5x8 - DYS40668 5x8 - DYS40675 5x8 - DYS40682 5x8 - DYS38399  
Flower Medley Leaf Flourish Staggered Brickwork Dylusions Stencils - Chequered Dots Dylusions Stencils - Diamond of a Border
Flower Medley Leaf Flourish Staggered Brickwork Chequered Dots Diamond of a Border
9x12 - DYS38412 9x12 - DYS39501 9x12 - DYS38405 9x12 - DYS33981 9x12 - DYS34001
5x8 - DYS38375 5x8 - DYS38382 5x8 - DYS38368 5x8 - DYS34216 5x8 - DYS34230
Dylusions Stencils - Dotted Flowers Dylusions Stencils - Letter Jumble Dylusions Stencils - Luscious Leaves Dylusions Stencils - Number Jumble
Dotted Flowers Letter Jumble Luscious Leaves Number Jumble Ho Ho Holly
9x12 - DYS34018 9x12 - DYS33981 9x12 - DYS34032 9x12 - DYS33998 9x12 - DYS35688
5x8 - DYS34216 5x8 - DYS34254 5x8 - DYS34261 5x8 - DYS34223 5x8 - DYS35725
Let It Snow Oh Christmas Tree        
  9x12 - DYS35695        
5x8 - DYS35718 5x8 - DYS35732        
Annie Flossie  
Fred Lottie Ruby Annie Flossie  
9x12 - DYS40811 9x12 - DYS40828 9x12 - DYS40835 9x12 - DYS37866 9x12 - DYS37842  
NEW! NEW! NEW!    
9x12 - DYS37859