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Adirondack® Acrylic Paint Dabbers

Adirondack® Acrylic Paint Dabbers

Adirondack Acrylic Paint Dabbers are the mess-free and easy way to decorate craft and home decor projects with paint! The Acrylic Paint Dabbers are portable–convenient to carry to crops and classes.

Tips & Techniques

Adirondack Acrylic Paint Dabbers are the mess-free and easy way to decorate craft and home decor projects with paint! The Acrylic Paint Dabbers are portable–convenient to carry to crops and classes.
• Available in 36 coordinating Lights, Brights, and Earthtones co
lors, black and white, plus 4 new Metallic
Dabbers in Gold, Copper, Silver and Pearl.

• Palettes and paintbrushes are no longer a necessity! The dabber top allows for effortless
application directly onto foam and rubber stamps, paper, canvas, plastic, metal and

• The unique formula allows paints to be blendable when wet.

• Ranger’s acrylic paint dries in minutes to a smooth, matte finish; drying time can be
speeded up by using the Inkssentials™ Heatit™ Craft Tool.

• Great for use in books and journals as the pages will not stick together.

• Monochromatic effects are easy with the coordinating color palette of Earthtones,
Lights and Brights.

Coordinating Line of Colors:
The Adirondack palette of 12 each of Earthtones, Brights and Lights, plus Pitch Black and Snow Cap White provides a multitude of opportunities to mix colors and match other elements in a project.

Coordinate the Dabbers with Ranger’s vast line of Adirondack products:
• Dye Stamp Pads and Re-inkers
• Alcohol Inks
• Pigment Pens
• Color Wash™
• Dimensional Pearls™
• Embossing Powders

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• Shake bottle well before using.
• When using the dabbers for the first time, prime them by inverting the bottle, pressing down on the dabber top and gently squeezing the sides of the bottle. Hold down for approximately 30-60 seconds or until you see paint. The dabber bottles have a valve, that when pressed down, opens the valve to allow the paint to flow. Holding the valve open longer allows more paint to properly flow into the dabber top. Do not repeatedly tap, bang or hammer the dabber, as you are not allowing the valve to stay open long enough to deliver the paint into the dabber.
• Close paint tops between uses to prevent paint from drying on the dabber top.
• If dabber has not been used for an extended period of time, it may be necessary to re-establish flow. Do this by spraying water on the Non-Stick Craft Sheet and rub dabber top in water; this will help re-wet the paint inside the dabber top to rejuvenate a continuous flow of paint.
• Blend dabber paints on canvas, paper, and rubber stamps. If different color paint gets on the dabber top, simply dab onto paper towel until dabber top is clean.
• Immediately clean stamps with water or stamp cleaner after using paint dabbers.
• Note: if paints thicken up over time: unscrew the cap, add a little water to thin, and re-mix the paint inside the bottle with a craft stick.


• The ergonomic dabber design allows for ease of use with many “Direct-to-Surface” techniques such as stipple, dots and swirls, edging paper or canvas, creating stripes and plaids and achieving full coverage on paper mache, wood, fabric paper, canvas, etc.

• For “dry brush” effects on photos, paper or other surfaces, hold dabber in one hand and surface in the other and swipe across paper. By holding the dabber in the air, you’re not fully pressing down the valve, thereby restricting full paint flow, allowing for a light application of paint.

• To use as a glaze, simply mist surface with water using the Inkssentials™ Mini Mister™ and swipe dabber in a circular motion. This is a great way to achieve a subtle matte wash across vibrant patterned papers or over another layer of paint.

• For a weathered look, paint with an Earthtones Dabber and dry swipe with the coordinating Lights color. The surface will appear sanded or worn off.

• Use on foam stamps by dabbing directly onto the stamp-no messy brushes or palettes to clean. Great for both rubber and clear stamps.

• Create the look of metal by painting the surface with any of the four new Metallic Acrylic Paint Dabbers.

• To paint with a brush, shake first and simply unscrew the top and dip it directly into bottle.

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