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“I’m Growing” Mini Canvas

“I’m Growing” Mini Canvas

Here are the items you’ll need to create this Gesso transfer canvas. I have a 5×5 mini stretched canvas. A laser photo copy of a tree image (not an inkjet print), pencil, Claudine Hellmuth Studio Gesso, Claudine Hellmuth Studio paintbrush, and Claudine Hellmuth Studio Landscape Green paint.

First paint the canvas using the Landscape Green paint. Paint the sides as well at this time. Allow to dry or speed drying with the Heat It Craft tool.

Once the paint is dry, brush Claudine Hellmuth Studio Gesso on top so that it is a slightly thick layer of Gesso. Think like peanut butter on a sandwich.

Place the Tree image face down into the wet gesso. Leave a little room at the bottom of the canvas and then using the pencil write a word into the wet gesso. Here I am writing the word “growing” to create a gesso etching technique.

Allow to dry for a couple hours.

Once dry, spray the canvas with a Mini Mister filled with water until fully saturated.

Begin gently rubbing off the paper pulp. Continue wetting and rubbing until all the paper is removed.

Tint the canvas with by placing a little bit of another paint color on the Craft Sheet, spray water from the Mini Mister, and mix it to create a glaze. Here I am using Claudine Hellmuth Studio Yellow Pastel.

I cut out the word “I’m” from an old romance novel. I keep these around just to cut them up for sentences. Some of the sentences are very funny!

Here’s a close up. Now it says “I’m Growing” I glued on the word “I’m” with a little
Multi Medium in matte.

Your finished project – ready to hang on your wall!