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Polymer Clay-friendly Products

Polymer Clay-friendly Products

Did you know?…
These Ranger products work great with Polymer Clay:

Adirondack® Acrylic Paint Dabbers – Matte acrylic paints that you can dab or brush into the recesses of clay that has been textured and cured. Wipe the paint from the surface with a slightly damp paper towel, cure, then sand the surface.

Adirondack® Alcohol Inks – Apply with Cut n’ Dry Felt, Cut n’ Dry Nibs or drops straight from the bottle to cured or uncured clay. Can also be kneaded into the clay (wear protective gloves). Allow to evaporate before curing clay.

Adirondack®Dimensional Pearls™Use these pearlized dimensional paints on Cut n’ Dry Foam and sponge onto cured clay that has surface texture, then wipe off using a little water if desired. The paint stays in the recesses of the clay and accentuates the form and texture.

Adirondack® Pigment Ink Pads & Reinkers – Rich pigment Inks that can be used on cured or uncured clay by applying directly to the polymer clay from the pad, painting on or applying with the Cut n’ Dry Foam or Nibs. The reinkers are more liquid than the ink pad so be sure to create texture on the clay first by repeatedly pressing a piece of medium grit sandpaper into the clay. Bake as usual.

Adirondack® Pigment Pens – Adirondack Pigment Pens can be used to draw or write on cured or uncured clay. You can also scribble on a craft sheet and add a few drops of water, then brush onto uncured clay to create washes of color. Bake as usual.

Archival Inks™ (Pads and Reinkers) - Archival Inks are waterproof and oil based. Great for stamping and coloring cured or uncured polymer clay.

Clay Techniques to ‘DYE’ For and No-Bake Air-Dry Clay – Books by Design Originals showcase wonderful techniques using Ranger Products.

Cut n’ Dry™ Foam – Use to apply inks & paints to cured or uncured clay. Cut n’ Dry can also be used with many types of pigment inks and paints – including To Dye For – to make a rainbow stamp pad. Simply overlap colors slightly for a soft transition. (See To Dye For below)

Cut n’ Dry™ Nibs – Use this synthetic pen nib to apply inks & paints and to decorate or sign cured polymer clay. Use on uncured clay when texture is desired.

Embossing Powders – Use in and on your clay to create color, texture and depth. Antiquities™, Distress and UTEE™ are just a few of Ranger’s versatile embossing powder lines that create a faux stone look when mixed into translucent polymer clay.

Inky Rollers™ & Replacement RollersWrap your brayer with texture! Cover rollers with double sided tape cut to size. Adhere lace, bubble wrap, etc. and roll it over your clay! Carve any design on Replacement Rollers and create a variety of textured rollers.Inky Rollered and Alcohol Inked Pendant by Debbie Tlach

Inky Rollered and Alcohol Inked pendant
by Debbie Tlach

Perfect Pearls™ on a pin by Debbie Tlach

Melting Pot™ with Project Pan – Use the Melting Pot with a Project Pan inserted to bake polymer clay when you need a portable way to cure your clay!

Melt Art® Mold n’ Pour™ – This two-part silicone molding compound allows you to create a re-usable mold that can be baked with polymer clay in it. It is flexible, sets up in under ten minutes and the silicone base makes release easy. Also great for molding metal clay pieces.

Melt Art® To Dye For™ – Use these heat activated colorants to create rainbow clay by making a rainbow pad (as described in Cut n’ Dry Foam above). Dab the pad onto uncured clay, fold the clay and run through pasta machine keeping colors in line. You may also knead small amounts into translucent, pearl, metallic or light-colored clays (wear protective gloves).

Memory Frames™ – Hinged metal frames from our Inkssentials™ line that puts the finishing touch to a small piece of polymer artwork. Frames have a soldered jump ring (1” has two) that makes them perfect for hanging on a chain or to wear with the jump ring on the bottom, with a charm attached. Embellish clay and cut to 1” x 3”, 1.5” x 1.5”, 2” x 2” or 1” x 1”. Insert according to Memory Frames package directions.

Mini Mister™ – Fill this fine mist spray bottle with water and spray it on rubber stamps and texture plates for use as a release agent. Also great for keeping metal clay moist while working. Use with diluted paint from the Adirondack Acrylic Paint Dabber to create a stippled effect on cured or uncured clay.

Non-Stick Craft Sheet – Use this large 15” x 18” Inkssentials™ Craft Sheet to protect your work surface. It makes a great palette for mixing paint or inks. The non-porous, reusable, bakeable, non-stick surface is easy to clean. It’s lightweight & portable so you can roll it up and take it with you to a guild meeting or class.

Perfect Pearls™ – Pearlescent pigments you can brush or gently rub onto uncured clay. Perfect Pearls contains a binder that permanently adheres to polymer clay. Mix into translucent clay for a subtle look.

Perfect Pearls™ Pens (black set) – Sign your work with a bullet or brush tip pen! Bake to make it permanent.

Posh Metallic Inkabilities™ – Free-flowing, metallic acrylic pigments. Sponge a thick layer onto uncured clay, let dry thoroughly and run through the pasta machine at progressively smaller settings for a crackle effect.

Rub-it Scrub-it™ Pad – The Inkssential Rub-it Scrub-it Pad can help to clean even your deeply etched rubber or photo polymer stamps. The Rub-it Scrub it Pad can also be used as a texture tool and can be cut to custom sizes and shapes. The back of the pad is made of foam that can be heated and impressed to create a texture. Use this texture to stamp ink onto your polymer clay. Re-heat the foam and use it again and again.

White Opaque Pen – Doodle, write or sign your work! Use on colored and dark unbaked clay. Cure for permanence.