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Thanksgiving Placecards

November 18th, 2016

Thanksgiving Placecards

Thanksgiving Placecards

Step 1: Die cut Distress Heavystock and co’redinations cardstock in pumpkin, leaf and name shapes.
Step 2:  Emboss leaves in your favorite embossing folder.
Step 3:  Apply perfect medium to leaves and dust with perfect pearl powders.
Step 4:  Apply Distress inks to pumpkin, stem and name and heat emboss the name.
Step 5:  Assemble using matte medium and foam tape.

Thanksgiving Placecards

Step 1: Using Dylusions Black Marble Paint Pen, letter the word “Thankful for” on the top half of the birch wood round.
Step 2: Using the Ranger Emboss It Pen in Clear, use the open space below the words to fill in a name.
Step 3: Sprinkle the birch wood round where you just wrote with Ranger Copper Embossing Powder. Tap off excess powder.
Step 4: Heat Embossing Powder with Ranger Heat It Tool.

Thanksgiving Placecards

Step 1:Prime pinecone or pinecone tips with Dina Wakley Media White Gesso.
Step 2:Paint using metallic paint of choice. I used Ranger Paint Dabber in Gold Metallic & Liquid Pearls in Rose Gold mixed with Garnet. Allow to dry.
Step 3:Cut a strip of Distress Mixed Media Heavystock and create mottled background using Distress Spray Stains and water.
Step 4:Using the Ranger Embossing Pen and Embossing Powder to create metallic edging around place card. Write name with Embossing Pen and emboss with color of choice.

Thanksgiving Placecards

Step 1: Die cut two leaves out of Mixed Media Cardstock.
Step 2: Press inkpads onto the Craft Sheet to transfer blocks of ink next to each other.  Mist ink with water and drag die cut leaves through to color them.  Set aside to dry.
Step 3:  Cut one of the tags to 4” wide.  Use the embossing dabber to edge both of the tags as shown.  Pour Orange Blossom Powder over the ink, remove excess and heat emboss.  Repeat using accents of Gold Embossing Powder.
Step 4:  Score the untrimmed tag 1” from the bottom and fold the 1” tab up toward the top of the tag.  On the back side of the trimmed tag, place a 1” strip of Wonder Tape along the bottom and two sides.  Adhere the trimmed tag onto the 1” folded tab and around the back to form a pocket.
Step 5:  Cut a piece of burlap to 7” x 3” and fray the edges a bit. Adhere to the center of the Pocket and around the back. Glue the leaves down with Adhesive Strips.
Step 5:  Print name on cardstock and cut as shown. Ink edges using Ink Blending Tool and foam.  Glue down with Adhesive Strips.

Dylusions Paint Pens Tips & Tricks

July 27th, 2016

Ranger Signature Designer Dyan Reaveley joins us today with a video showing some tips for using her Paint Pens!

Introduction to ICE Resin® Molding Putty

April 27th, 2016

ICE Resin®’s Director of Education Jen Cushman shows us how to use the Molding Putty for casting and creating custom shapes with ICE Resin®! Jen also describes the benefits of working on the Studio Sheets with Resin.

Take a look at some of these examples made using the Molding Putty with ICE Resin®!

Faux Sea Glass

Made from ICE Resin®, Molding Putty, & Tints

Lock Pendant by Susan Lenart Kazmer

Made from ICE Resin®, Molding Putty, ICED Enamels

Heart Pendant by Susan Lenart Kazmer

Made from ICE Resin®, Molding Putty, Foils & Tints

Liquid Pearls Watercolor Technique with Patti Behan

April 13th, 2016

Our very out Patti Behan shares with us this great tutorial showing how to use Liquid Pearls with water to create a watercoloring pearlescent effect!


Liquid Pearls: Daffodil, Watermelon, Key Lime, Baby Blue, Onyx Pearl
Ranger Cut-N-Dry Foam
Ranger Dye Ink Pad: Black Tie
Ranger Heat it Craft Tool
Ranger Non-Stick Craft Sheet
Ranger Adhesive Strips
Ranger Multi Medium: Matte
Ranger Surfaces: Gloss Paper
Ranger Surfaces: Black Cardstock
Ranger Surfaces: Watercolor Paper
Tim Holtz by Ranger Waterbrush: Wide Brush Tip
Tim Holtz Kraft-Core Nostalgic Collection by Core’dinations: Black
Tim Holtz Alterations by Sizzix: Vagabond Machine; Thinlits: Detailed Butterflies.
Tim Holtz by Stampers Anonymous: Botanical Sketch Stamp Set; Grid Blocks

Distress Splatter Effects: Tips & Techniques

April 5th, 2016

Distress Splatter Effects

Using Splatter effects can add another layer of visual interest to your projects! There are multiple products and techniques you can use to achieve different types of splatter effects. Our Tim Holtz® Distress line offers a few unique tools and products to help you easily create the perfect splatter pattern in your art. Let’s dive in!

Tim Holtz® Distress Splatter Brush

Distress Splatter Brush
The Tim Holtz® Distress Splatter Brush contains flexible synthetic bristles that you can simply dip into your favorite Distress Inks, Paints or Stains and flick onto your project. Using the Splatter Brush creates fun speckles that vary from small to medium in size depending on the distance away from your surface when you apply. The technique below shows the Splatter Brush used with Distress Paint.

TIP: Make sure when flicking the bristles to pull the bristles towards you and then release them.

Distress Splatter Brush
Distress Splatter Brush

Watch Tim’s demo on the Splatter Brush (about 4 minutes in) to learn the correct way to hold the brush and 2 different ways to flick the bristles!

Tim Holtz® Distress Marker Spritzer

Distress Marker Spritzer
The Tim Holtz® Distress Marker Spritzer is the perfect tool to create an airbrushed splatter effect using Distress Markers. Use the Marker Spritzer to create small speckles of ink that can be applied to a small or large area depending on distance away from your surface. You can also use the Marker Spritzer through a stencil to create a soft stenciled pattern.

TIP: The marker insert is adjustable so you can accommodate markers different sizes.
Distress Marker Spritzer
Distress Marker Spritzer

Watch Tim’s demo on the Marker Spritzer to see how to use with a stencil and adjust the insert for use with other markers.

Tim Holtz® Distress Sprayer

Distress Sprayer
The Tim Holtz® Distress Sprayer uses a convenient trigger sprayer with water to create droplets and various sprayed water effects. With Tim Holtz Distress Inks, Paints, Markers and Stains all being water-reactive, the Distress Sprayer uses water to achieve the perfect organic splatters that cause your colors to flow and blend while preserving the droplets.

TIP: For convenient storage and worry-free travel, the Distress Sprayer features a locking trigger button.

Distress Sprayer

Watch Tim’s demo on the Distress Sprayer to see how he creates his signature backgrounds!

Tim Holtz® Distress Spray Stains

Distress Spray Stains
Last but not least are the Tim Holtz® Distress Spray Stains! The Distress Spray Stains feature a quality mist sprayer that is ideal for quick and easy ink coverage. This unique mist sprayer produces both small and larger splatters of ink.

TIP: Press the mist sprayer quickly for a fine mist or simply hold the neck of the bottle and press the mist sprayer to achieve larger droplets of ink.

Distress Spray Stains
Distress Spray Stains

Watch Tim’s demo on the Distress Spray Stains!

Happy splattering! 🙂

ICE Resin® Mixed Media Tag with Jen Cushman

March 16th, 2016

ICE Resin® Director of Education Jen Cushman shares how to make a mixed media tag using ephemera & resin paper!

How to Make Resin paper with ICE Resin®

March 2nd, 2016

ICE Resin® Director of Education, Jen Cushman shares with us this quick technique video on how to make resin paper using ICE Resin®!

Distress Crayon Butterfly Tag with Debbie Tlach

February 23rd, 2016

Learn how to make this super fun butterfly tag using the new Distress Crayons with our very own Debbie Tlach!

Friendship Card by Patti Behan

February 19th, 2016

Check out this fun Friendship Card featuring the Dylusions Ghosting technique by Patti Behan!

For the full tutorial, visit our projects page: Friendship Card by Patti Behan

Hand Lettering with Ranger Supplies by Taylor Huizenga

February 17th, 2016

As someone who can spend hours upon hours in the pen aisle at Staples and Target, it’s safe to say that I’m obsessed with buying and playing with different writing utensils. I always have a pen on me, and in college every pocket of my bag pack, I’m sure there were at least 5 pens or markers hidden somewhere. I had my “general” pens, as in the ones I didn’t care if someone borrowed and I never saw again, and then I had “my” pens, as in my special set of pens and markers that I wouldn’t let anyone use. Yes, that may seem crazy, but as someone who has gotten into hand-lettering, good pens and markers are an essential part to making a hand-lettering project, and those can’t just be handed out to just anyone! Ranger offers some wonderful products that I have began to incorporate in my own hand-lettering, check out below to see what my favorite Ranger products to hand letter with are and why I love them so much!

Tim Holtz® Distress Markers

The line of Distress Markers makes various types of hand-lettering super easy! With the dual tip edge, including both a fine tip point on one end of the barrel and a brush tip on the opposite end, the markers are all in one. I found when using the Distress Markers, I was able to get a brushed lettering stroke with the Brush Tip end, and then go in with the Fine Tip end and fill in to get smoother edges. The Brush Tip is also great for creating bold lines and filling in large open spaces when creating larger letters and shapes. The Fine Tip isn’t just great for filling in small sections or smoothing out lines, but they are also the perfect tool for creating fine details and for thinner lines for faux calligraphy. The best thing? Distress Markers come in 61 fabulous colors to choose from!

Learn More Here: Tim Holtz® Distress Markers

Dylusions Paint Pens

New to the Dylusions collection this year are Dylusions Paint Pens. Available in both Black Marble and White Linen, these pens are filled with your favorite Dylusions acrylic paint with the convenience of a fine tip nib. These are a great for hand-lettering because the fine tip is great for precision and thin lines. The paint flows easily and consistently out of the nib allowing for smooth, clean lines. The Black Marble Paint Pen is great for writing on white as well as colored pages and the White Linen Paint Pen is an essential when writing on black. The greatest part of the Dylusions Paint Pens is the quick drying time, which means you won’t have to worry about smearing your work. The Paint Pens are great for all types of surfaces, yet drying time of the paint would depend on the surface you’re working on, so be mindful when working.

Learn More Here: Dylusions Paint Pens

Dylusions Ink in Tim Holtz® Waterbrushes

Dylusions Ink Sprays are fun, bright, vibrant colors to craft with, add a Tim Holtz Waterbrush to them and you’ve got a great tool for hand-lettering and brush lettering. Just as Dyan Reaveley fills the Tim Holtz Waterbrushes with her Ink Sprays to color with, the filled brushes can also make the perfect tool for brush lettering. The Detailer Brush nib makes creating effortless brush strokes easy by keeping a thin line for upward strokes, yet with the added pressure a thick line for the downward strokes, which is essential in creating calligraphy writing. Although this technique can be done by going back and adding a thicker stroke where a downward stroke was done, this water brush makes doing it all at once possible. The Waterbrush can be filled with any of the 24 Dylusions colors.

Learn More Here: Dylusions Ink Sprays
Tim Holtz® Waterbrushes

Ranger Fude Ball Pens

When it comes to having a great basic, ready to use pen, I would suggest the Fude Ball. The tip of the pen is 1.5mm which means it is ideal for thinner lines and smaller details. The ink flows out very smoothly which makes effortless writing a breeze. Another great thing about the Fude Ball pen is that one it is dried, the ink is both water-proof and fade-resistant. The Fude Ball pen can be applied not only to paper, but it also is a great tool for hand-lettering on different mixed-media projects, which is why it is preferred by Dina Wakley. Although I’m biased to mainly using black pens in most of my hand-lettering projects, the Fude Ball pen is available not only in black, but also in a royal blue and a deep red, which are great basic colors to have in your pen palette.

Learn More Here: Ranger Fude Ball Pens

Ranger Embossing Powders

To start off, I’m obsessed with Ranger’s Embossing Powders, ask anyone here at Ranger, and they can tell you that I love watching the powder melt with the Heat Tool and become smooth and dimensional. With the use of the Ranger Emboss It pen, I found that I was able to incorporate these amazing powders into my hand-lettering. The Ranger Emboss It pens are bullet tip pens that are available in both black and clear ink, which allows you to work on any type of paper you choose. The bullet tip allows you to create think lines, but as you can see in my example, I was able to go back and thicken some lines as well, so the tip allows you a lot of room to experiment. When working with the Ranger Emboss It pen and Embossing Ink, I find it easier to work in small sections because the powder needs to be applied to the ink before it dries in order to get the best results. The ink will definitely give you work time, but it is not feasible to hand letter an entire page and then go back and apply powder. In my example, I did a word at a time just to be safe. I love how with the Embossing Powders I’m able to get a shinny, glitter effect that is not always possible from basic pens. The Ranger Embossing powders come in 48 colors and textures, so its easy to find a color and texture that will work best for your project.

Learn More Here: Ranger Embossing Powders

Ranger Perfect Pearls Pigment Powders

For adding a touch of pearlescent shimmer to my hand-lettering projects, I use Ranger Perfect Pearls Pigment Powders with the Ranger Perfect Medium Pens. I found that although the Perfect Pearl Powders work on any type of paper, they look especially nice on black paper, because the dark, black background really makes the shimmer of the colors stand out. The Perfect Pearl Medium Pens come in two different tips, a bullet tip for thin lines, and a brush tip, which allows for brush lettering styled writing or filling in broad strokes. These powders can be very versatile, if you like the pearlescent effect that these powders create, they can also be mixed with water and applied with a water brush or a paint brush and applies similarly to a paint instead of a powder dusting. Another great thing about these powders is they can be applied on top of other mediums to add a shimmer to an already completed project if you don’t want to hand letter complete with the powders. The powders come in 24 beautiful colors to add all types of shimmer to your hand-lettering projects!

Learn More Here: Ranger Perfect Pearls Pigment Powders