CHA 2014 Make-It-Take-It: Tattered Foil Flower by Debbie Tlach

By Debbie Tlach



1. Die cut Foil Cardstock with the Tattered Florals die in the Vagabond.

2. Punch a hole in the center of each flower with a 1/8", long reach, hole punch or Crop-A-Dile.

3.Working over a Craft Sheet, place a piece of felt onto the Adirondack Alcohol Ink Applicator and apply Alcohol Ink colors to the felt in stripes. (Teakwood, Wild Plum, Poppyfield, Honeycomb, Lettuce, Botanical, Mermaid, Indigo)

4. Place the floral die cut pieces on the Craft Sheet and ink them by repeatedly tapping the inked surface of the felt to the surface of the Foil Cardstock with the Ink Applicator.

5. Let dry or use a personal fan to help the Alcohol Ink evaporate. (NEVER apply heat to wet Alcohol Ink!)

6. Gently curl petals of the flowers to add dimension.

7. Stack flower pieces together, from small to large, lining up the punched holes. Place on Craft Sheet.

8. Accordion fold tulle lengthwise in 1" folds.

9.Put a Tim Holtz® Idea-ology® Long Fastener through the stacked flower pieces (small to large) and through the center of the folded tulle. Holding the tulle on the prongs of the Long Fastener, flair out the tulle so it forms a circle. Place 1 hole of the Tim Holtz® Idea-ology® Hinge clip onto the prongs and fold the prongs out firmly, so they hold the Hinge clip in place.

10. Pinch a Ranger Ink Tool Replacement foam in half and apply a small amount of Alcohol Ink (Mermaid) to the center. Dab the foam onto the Tim Holtz® Idea-ology® Accoutrements Fanciful (stacked flower) button. Let dry.

11. Place a Glue Dot® on the center of the foil flower, over the top of the Long Fastener.

12. Place inked button on Glue Dot® and press firmly. Clip your flower on a lapel and enjoy!

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