Collage Glue Stick Resist Bee In The Hand Tag by Candy Colwell

Candy made this fun three dimensional tag that was inspired by Kaz Hall’s Collage Glue Stick resist technique.


The Basic Tag

1. Lightly distress tag using Peacock Feathers with the Ink Blending Tool and Foam. Then lightly rub the Collage Glue Stick over the surface of the large polka dot stamp from the Mixed Media Stamp Set. Do not put the stamp on an acrylic block. (Let your fingers manipulate the random images you stamp).

2. Randomly stamp the polka dots on the tag.

3. Then take the scratch pattern stamp from Mixed Media and lightly rub the Collage Glue Stick over the stamp. Randomly stamp the scratch pattern on the tag. Add Gathered TwigS to the tag, distressing the entire tag (including the stamped glue areas) with an Ink Blending Tool and Foam. The ink will stick on those glued areas. You can leave the inked areas dark or you gently can wipe away the ink using a baby wipe, leaving a very light image where the glue resisted the ink. On this tag, the Gathered Twig has been wiped from the polka dots but the scratch pattern has been left inked. You can use the baby wipes to help blend out the color surrounding the polka dots after you wipe away the ink.

4. Immediately wash your stamps to remove the glue.

5. Lightly brush some Heirloom Gold Perfect Pearls onto the tag.

6. Stamp the flourish design from Artful Artifacts at the top of the tag using Jet Black Archival Ink.

7. Stamp the strip of text on the upper left side of the tag by lightly wiping a Jet Black Archival Ink Pad across the stamp (rather than really inking the stamp) and then stamp in place. This will give a lighter image of the text. Stamp the grouping of question marks from the World Traveler Stamp Set across the center of the tag and also randomly stamp a couple more single question marks randomly on the tag. Set to the side.


The Bee and The Hand 

8. Stamp the hand once and the bee (three times) from the Oddities Stamp Set, the wheel from The Big Top and the sentiment from Stuff To Say onto a piece of Manila Cardstock.

9. Color the hand using Scattered Straw and Vintage Photo wiped onto a Non Stick Craft Sheet and then picking up the color with a Detailer Water Brush. Finally, add a little Gathered Twig for the darker shadows.

10. Color the bees using Tumbled Glass on the wings and Antique Linen on the bodies. Cut out the entire bee (including antenna and legs) ONE TIME and then just cut out the bodies and wings on the other two stamped bees. Add Waterfall Stickles to all of the sets of wings and let dry. Once dry, stack the two bees that are just the bodies and wings on top of each other and glue in place using Glossy Accents.

11. Using a Craft Pick, poke a hole in the center of body on the bee that has legs and antenna. Take a 3” or 4” piece of thin wire and attach one end of it along the top of the body of the bee that has the antenna and legs (using 1/8” double sided Wonder Tape.) Leave the longest end of the wire exposed UNDERNEATH the bee’s body.

12. Then glue the other set of bee bodies and wings that have already been glued together on top of the bee body with the exposed wire taped to it. (This hides the wire that will attach to the hand on the other end). Once the glue holding the bodies is dry, separate the wings as if they are fluttering.

13. Poke a small hole in the hand and put the other end of the wire through the hole. Adjust the length of the wire to your personal preference as to how far you want the bee to be flying above the hand. Secure the other end of the wire with Wonder Tape. Set aside.


The Wheel 

14. Find the center point of the wheel and draw lines across the wheel into 8 equal sections using Tim Holtz’ Design Ruler and the fine tip of a Black Soot Distress Marker.

15. Color the sections of the wheel using Distress Ink Pads wiped onto a Non-Stick Craft Sheet and then picking up the color with a Detailer Water Brush. The colors used on the wheel are: Evergreen Bough, Peacock Feathers, Picked Raspberry and Wild Honey on the sections of the wheel. The next thin Roulette wheel looking band is colored alternating with Pumice and Barn Door. The perimeter of the wheel with the numbers is colored first using Scattered Straw and then blended with Gathered Twig. Heat to set the colors. Then add Crackle Accents to just the perimeter of the wheel. Let dry. When dry, add Gathered Twigs into the crack using an Ink Applicator Tool and then wipe away the excess ink. Ink the edges of the wheel with Black Soot.

16. Punch a hole in the center of the wheel. Add the Mini Gear using Glossy Accents as the glue.

17. Smear a Pool Paint Dabber on a Word Stick and then lightly wipe off all of the paint from the smooth surface of the Word Stick, leaving the paint down in the letters. Attach the Word Stick to a Large Jump Ring with a piece of wire. Wrap the Jump Ring around a Hitch Fastener and squeeze it shut.

18. Place the wheel on the tag and attach the Hitch Fastener by screwing the back piece in place. (The wheel is interactive and will spin).


The Sentiment 

19. Tear the edges of the sentiment that is stamped on Manila Cardstock. Tear towards you so that the pulp of the paper will face up and grab the ink. Distress the edges of the sentiment using Vintage Photo then Gathered Twig and finally a touch of Black Soot on some of the edges. Lightly add a touch of Heirloom Gold Perfect Pearls on the cardstock.

20. Pop Dot the sentiment in the upper center of the tag.


The Frame 

21. Alter the appearance of the Copper Memory Frame by rubbing some paint from a Juniper Paint Dabber onto the frame with your finger to create a patina effect. Glue the frame in place on the left center of the tag. Be sure that the ring on the frame is at the BOTTOM.

22. Alter the clear glass on the small vial by pouncing the glass with Butterscotch Alcohol Ink and an Alcohol Ink Applicator (with felt pad).

23. Glue the vial onto a long Game Spinner with Glossy Accents. When dry, center it in the frame and glue into place, just a little up from the center with Glossy Accents.

24. Attach a Mini Gear to the center of Ideaology Foliage flower, using a smaller fastener that comes with the Mini Gear. Using Glossy Accents, glue the flower in place on top of the ring on the Memory Frame (to hide it).


And finally … 

25. Use a Pop it Shape to attach the hand to the bottom of the tag, making sure that the bee is suspended in the air by the wire.

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