Dare to Dream Journal by Stephenie Hamen

Guest designer Stephenie Hamen shares how to create a unique and personalized planner/journal cover.


1. Grab an inexpensive calendar.

2. Trace the calendar cover onto the back of your sticky back canvas…

… be sure to leave the backing on until the very end!

3. Take your pencil and trace a circle onto a piece of the glassine paper then cut it out.

4. Fold it in half and cut the center out, creating a donut shape.

5. Add gesso to your canvas – create a circle a bit bigger than the one you just cut out (which you can use as a guide for size).

6. Add some pieces of fringe hanging down.

7. While the gesso dries, cut out some strips from the glassine paper to create more fringe and decorative bits for your dream catcher.

8. Use Glue n’ Seal to adhere the glassine pieces to the canvas once the gesso is dry.

Feel free to use the heat tool to dry the glue n seal.

9. Take some paint and begin to add color to your dream catcher.

10. Once the paint is on and dry, seal the entire piece with a glaze made from glue n seal and a tiny bit of umber paint.

11. Dry with the heat tool.

12. Distress a bit more using the Walnut Stain – wipe with a baby wipe to spread color.

13. Add in dimension and some clarity of the lines with a permanent marker, creating lines and doodles on the piece.

14. Finish with some rub-ons.

15. Now cut from the corner into the marked pencil corner on all four corners of your canvas.
16. Peel off the backing and adhere the image to the front cover.

17. Fold and trim the edges, securing the cover all the way.

18. My calendar had a clear cover, so I slipped it back into the cover to keep it protected.

 Now all that is left to do is to begin all of your wondrous plans for 2015!

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