Faux Batik Scarf with Adirondack® Color Wash™ By Tim Holtz

Use Color Wash™ to create a vibrant, fun batik-look scarf!


(1) Over Non-Stick Craft Sheet, stamp images on silk scarf with clear embossing ink. Cover with Clear Embossing Powder; shake off excess.

(2) With Craft Tool, emboss images. Make sure it is over the Craft Sheet, as the heated embossing powder will go through to the other side, and will easily peel off the non-stick surface of the Craft Sheet!

(3) Prepare your work surface and you for coloring the silk (remember this is a dye that works on fabric, so wear a protective smock/apron and gloves!). Lay scarf onto the Craft Sheet; lightly spray various colors of Color Wash onto fabric. If there any areas you want lighter, just spritz with water, which will create lighter tones and colors.

(4) Place silk between two sheets of newsprint. With iron on highest setting, begin to iron over newsprint.

(5) Continue ironing until you can see all of your embossed images transferred into the newsprint.

(6) Begin removing the newsprint. This can be tricky at first, because you need to slowly peel away the paper on the one side so it does not cool again and stick to the fabric! Do this by ironing a section at a time, peeling the paper away as your iron.

(7) Turn scarf over and iron to remove the second piece of newsprint, following the above steps.

(8) Heat set these inks by putting the fabric on highest setting in a clothes dryer for approximately five (5) minutes (closely monitor this!) or use a travel steamer. Once scarf is heat set rinse in bucket of cold water. Note: for more color intensity, add a capful of white vinegar to bucket of cold water and rinse. Wring out excess water and let it air dry in a ball (when it dries it will leave unique, permanent wrinkles and texture).

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