Glacier Pendant by Debbie Tlach

Create a wintery inspired pendant with this step by step tutorial by Debbie Tlach. Start with ICE Resin® Industrial Bezels paired with the glacier hue of hacienda blue tinted resin to create this beautiful jewelry piece for you or as a gift.



Glacier Pendant Beauty Shot

There’s still a chill in the air, so let’s give an icy, glacier look to ICE Resin!

.Glacier Pendant Step 1

Step 1: Mix 1oz. of ICE Resin in a mixing cup with a stir stick according to package directions. After the resin is thoroughly mixed, pour about 1/3 of it into another cup and put a pea size drop of White Gesso into the cup & mix. Mix about 15 drops of Hacienda ICE Resin Tint in the other cup of resin.

Glacier Pendant Step 2

Step 2: Pour enough Hacienda tinted resin into the large circle & large triangle mold to fill it around ¾ of the way.

Glacier Pendant Step 3

Step 3: Carefully pour a small amount of gesso resin into one side of the large circle.

Use a Craft Pick or needle to pull around wisps of the gesso resin. (If the mold is not filled all the way, carefully add tinted resin, if needed, until the mold is filled.)

Repeat with the large triangular mold shape, filling the wider side with the gesso resin.

Glacier Pendant Step 4

Step 4: Use the leftover to fill the other molds. Experiment with varying the amount of gesso resin, as well as different wispy designs. Let The resin set according to package instructions.

Glacier Pendant Step 5

Step 5: Pop the cured resin out of the mold. Mix a small amount of ICE Resin & adhere the cured pieces into the bezels, let set.

Glacier Pendant Step 6

Step 6: Assemble leather necklace. Attach & suspend bezels with jump rings. Have fun wearing in any weather!


Tip: Take note of the other experimental pieces & what you did to achieve the look. Pieces can look like smoke, clouds and more depending on how you pour & wisp them.


Variations: Any of the Tint colors can be substituted for the Hacienda for a dramatically different look. The White Gesso can also be replaced with Dina Wakley Media Black gesso or any of the colors of Dina Wakley Paint for unlimited creative results.


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