Got UTEE? Fake Food

Rangerinklink Melt Art Contest Winning Projects
Second Place: Got UTEE? Fake Food

  • Ranger Non-Stick Craft Sheet™
  • Ultra Thick Embossing Powder (UTEE)™ - Red Hot, Black, White
  • Melt Art® Kool Toolz™ - Zpatula
  • Cookie Cutters – Round, Mini Alphabet (Makins Clay)
  • Thick White Glue
  • Plate, Glass
  • Scissors
  • Oreo® Cookie


(1) Prepare Mold & Pour according to package directions and firmly but gently imbed Oreo cookie to make a mold.

(2) To make brown UTEE “Oreo”: In melting pot, add clear UTEE just short of the fill line. Add 3 tablespoons of Red Hot UTEE (if you have a scoop from FLEX, it is one scoopful) and melt. When melted, stir very gently with Kool Toolz Zpatula to prevent bubbles.

(3) Add a few drops of Blue To Dye For and combine. Add several large squeezes of Green To Dye For and combine. The mixture should be starting to turn brown. Add about 1 tablespoon (1/3 scoop) of Black. Note: When creating a custom color, you will have to fine tune as you add each color or colorant.

(4) When you are satisfied with the color, gently pour into the mold. You will need 8 “cookies”.

(5) Take the letters E, G, O, S and T and U from the set of alphabet cookie cutters. Take the S cutter and turn it in so it resembles a question mark. Pour the UTEE on the Non-Stick Craft Sheet and push the cookie cutters into the UTEE.

(6) When cooled, push the UTEE out of the cookie cutters. Because of their size, they sometimes can be a little difficult to unmold. Use the end of a paintbrush or something similar and gently push out.

(7) As soon as the S comes out, with a scissor cut off the bottom to make it into a question mark.

(8) Make 2 of the letters T and E.

(9) To make the dot for the question mark, dribble some dots of UTEE on the Non Stick Craft Sheet, let cool and pick one that is the right size to match.

(10) If you only have one melting pot, pour any remaining UTEE onto the Non Stick Craft Sheet and clean out the pot very well being careful to clean the lip and sides. If you have a second pot, you can fill the second Melting Pot with the following mixture.

(11) Add Clear and White UTEE to the fill line (about 75% Clear, 25% White) and melt. If too transparent, add more white. Pour onto Non Stick Craft Sheet and with a round cookie cutter close in size to the “Oreo”, make 4 white rounds. Let cool.

(12) Assemble the “Oreos”—Put glue on back side of 2 cookie pieces and press white round on bottom, then add top and press to adhere.

(13) Take a small glass and keep one of the assembled “Oreos” next to it. Pour all of the remaining White UTEE into the glass and dip the “Oreo” into the UTEE just enough that it will stick to the “milk” in the glass. You will have to hold it in place until the UTEE solidifies enough to hold it.

To Assemble:
On plate, place glass of “milk” on top right side of plate. Across the bottom, arrange the letters to spell GOT UTEE? and adjust spacing, centering etc. Glue to the plate. Take the remaining 3 “Oreos” and arrange on the plate above the letters.

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