ICE Resin® Geode Coasters by Brooke Bock

Learn how to create stunning faux geode coasters with this easy tutorial by Brooke Bock! Follow along as Brooke shows how to use ICE Resin®, ICE Resin® Tints, ICE Resin® Lusters, and more to make your own little pieces of art that are great for home decor and gifts.


ICE Resin® Geode Coasters Beauty 2

I love natural gemstones and fossils.  I collect them when I go for walks and am always on the lookout for them.  One of my favorite sources for gemstones and fossils is a local cavern.  They have a fantastic gift shop that has a large collection of crystals, gemstones, and fossils.  I go a few times a year and stock up on natural wonders.  When I recently found this quartered geode coaster mold I knew I wanted to try to make my own geode coasters.  The process was incredibly fun and addictive.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

ICE Resin® Geode Coasters Step 1

Step 1: Mix at least four mixing cups of ICE Resin® according to the manufacturer’s directions and allow the indicated wait time.

ICE Resin® Geode Coasters Step 2

Step 2: Add different tints and paints to each cup and mix. Leave some resin clear.

ICE Resin® Geode Coasters Step 3

Step 3: Pour ICE Resin® into molds mixing and overlapping as desired.  Pour the resin in concentric circles around all four sections of the mold. Add a couple drops of the Gold Mixative to the mold as well. Use a toothpick to mix and drag layers together if you wish. Sprinkle rings of glitter into the molds as well.

ICE Resin® Geode Coasters Step 4

Step 4: Allow resin to cure recommended time. When cured, pop out of the molds. Trim any sharp edges.  You can do this with scissors if it is still soft.  You can snap them off with a pair of pliers if it is hard and fully cured.  You can also use an emery board to smooth rough edges.

ICE Resin® Geode Coasters Step 5

Step 5: Use Gold Leafing pen to color the edges gold.  Allow time to dry.  Enjoy!!


Tips and Tricks:

  • Add Opals for a glittery look


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