ICE Resin® Summertime Earrings By Debbie Tlach

Create your own summery turquoise earrings with this easy to follow ICE Resin® tutorial by Debbie Tlach!


.ICE Resin® Summertime Earrings Step 1

Step 1: Working over a Studio Sheet, trace & cut out 2 small circles from light turquoise tissue paper in the Tissue Paper Pack, using the Industrial Bezel Template. Seal both sides & edges of cut circles with Paper Sealer, adhere them inside the two circle bezels.

ICE Resin® Summertime Earrings Step 2

Step 2: Mix ½ ounce of ICE Resin according to the package directions, making sure to carefully measure precise amounts. Fill the circle bezels halfway. 

ICE Resin® Summertime Earrings Step 3

Step 3: Add ICE Resin Tint in Lolite to the ICE Resin left in the cup. Stir gently and use the Stir Stick to drip & fill ICE Resin into the Petite Pillar Foundry Bezels. Let ICE Resin cure in all bezels for about 8 - 10 hours.

ICE Resin® Summertime Earrings Step 4

Step 4: Cut out design from Tissue Paper Pack. Adhere to resin inside the circle bezels using Leather Adhesive. Make sure tissue paper is soaked all the way through. The Leather Adhesive will dry clear and make the tissue paper more transparent, so that the bottom layer of color will show through. Let dry thoroughly.

ICE Resin® Summertime Earrings Step 5

Step 5: Mix ½ oz of ICE Resin. (Less if you are using a plunger. Mix enough to fill the round bezels the rest of the way.) Fill the round bezels, doming the resin if you desire. Let cure.

ICE Resin® Summertime Earrings Step 6

Step 6: Brush Lolite Tint onto the ear wire silver balls for a matching flash of color.

ICE Resin® Summertime Earrings Step 7

Step 7: When all pieces are cured and the Tint on the ear wire is dry, assemble the earrings with pliers. Have fun wearing them in the summer sun or on a video call! 

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