Melt Art Texture Tread Feather Card

Use Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel, Distress Paints and Texture Treads to create this fanciful card.


1. Working on the Non-Stick Craft Sheet, pour clear UTEE into the melting pot to the fill line and let melt.

2. Add 2 tsp. Black UTEE into the pot. Let melt and gently stir with spatula to mix. (Stirring too quickly will create air bubbles.)

3. Place Fancy Feathers Texture Tread face up on Craft Sheet. Pour melted UTEE onto the Texture Tread. Quickly and carefully place cookie cutter into the center of the UTEE on top of the Texture Tread. Let the UTEE harden (Tap the UTEE with a spatula to check).

4. Once UTEE has set (UTEE should be warm, not hot). Turn the Texture Tread with the UTEE and cookie cutter over so that the bottom of the Texture Tread is face up. Firmly press down on the Texture Tread so that the cookie cutter goes through the warm UTEE. Peel the UTEE Circle off the Texture Tread and pop it out of the cookie cutter.

5. Shake Distress Paint Bottle well then dab out some Mowed Lawn Paint onto the Craft Sheet. Do the same with Broken China Distress Paint. Using the Ink Blending Tool with Foam attached dab the paint onto the background area of the impressed UTEE, alternating and layering colors. Use a paintbrush to get into the smaller crevices. Let dry.

6. Shake & dab out Mustard Seed, Wild Honey, Spiced Marmalade & Barn Door Distress Paint colors. Attach a new foam piece to the Blending Tool and apply the new colors to the raised areas of the design.

7. Set aside to dry.

8. Cut a piece of Specialty Stamping Paper in half crosswise. Dab all the Distress Paint Colors onto the Craft Sheet and swipe the Specialty Stamping Paper into the colors several times covering the sheet. Place face up onto a dry area of the Craft Sheet. Use baby wipes to dab some paint off and add visual texture.

9. Swipe, dab and dry in between with a Craft Tool until you get the results you desire. Dry thoroughly. Trim to 3 ½” x 4 ½”.

10. Layer and adhere all components with Wonder Tape to finish. Write a note inside and give to a special someone!

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