Melt Art Votive Candles

Make these simple yet elegant votive candles using Melt Art UTEE and Texture Treads.


1. Working on a Non-Stick Craft Sheet, pour Platinum UTEE into the melting pot and set aside to melt.

2. Cover the candle with the Melange Tissue Wrap by cutting a piece to fit the candle. Wrap the tissue around candle. Using a Heat It Craft Tool, heat the wax of the candle and the Tissue Wrap will adhere on its own. Trim off the excess tissue. Reheat if necessary.

3. Place the Scalloped Lace Texture Tread face up on the Craft Sheet. Pour the melted Platinum UTEE down the center of the Texture Tread.

4. Use your spatula to thin out your pour a little.

5. Before the UTEE hardens all the way, carefully pick up the Tread and wrap around the candle and let harden completely.

6. Rub Heirloom Gold Perfect Pearls on the raised areas of the design with your finger.

7. Tie twine around the center with the Fluer De Lis charm.

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