Memory Capsule and Frame “By The Sea” Tag By Roni Johnson

Use Inkssentials™ Memory Capsules and Frames, Distress Inks and Powders to craft a tag that is shore to please.


(1) Paint the Manila Tag with Snow Cap acrylic paint. Let it dry completely.

(2) Use Weathered Wood Distress Ink to stamp the crackle background image on the tag. Heat to ensure the ink is dry before moving on.

(3) Randomly stamp the Sand Dollar image on the tag using Distress Embossing Ink.

(4) Shake the jar of Vintage Photo Distress Embossing Powder to ensure that the release crystals are evenly distributed. Sprinkle the embossing powder over the sand dollar images to coat. Shake off excess powder and return to the jar. Heat emboss with the Heat It Craft Tool to melt. Let the images cool for a few minutes. Rub each image to remove the release crystals.

(5) Use the Multi-Medium to glue random “sea” related dictionary definitions to the tag. Set the tag aside for the time being.

(6) Stamp the Elegant Stems image on a scrap of white cardstock using the Distress Embossing Ink.

(7) Shake each jar of Distress Embossing Powder to evenly distribute the release crystals. Carefully, sprinkle a pinch of each color of the embossing powder over desired areas of the image. Shake off excess powder into a baggie to be used as a “party-colored” mix at a later date. Heat to melt the powder; let cool and rub to remove the release crystals.

(8) Trim the embossed image. Apply Vintage Photo Distress ink to the edges of the image using the Ink Blending Tool & Foam. Mount the image onto a cardstock panel.

(9) Affix the embossed image to the tag.

(10) Glue mini starfish to the image using Glossy Accents. Attach the star charm to the Memory Frame, insert Memory Capsule and glue it over the three starfish using Glossy Accents.

(11) Add a piece of fishing net and burlap ribbon to the tag hole.

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