Merci Tag by Anita Houston

by Anita Houston


Step 1: Trim a piece of the White Perfect Cardstock to fit into the Scalloped Art Part Tag, leaving a 1/4 inch border so that the tag can be seen. Round the top two corners off. Save the scrap cardstock for later.

Step 2: Ink over the White Perfect Cardstock with Bluebird in the top left corner, Red Geranium in the top right corner, Orange Blossom and Sunflower in the middle, and Fern Green along the bottom, blending the colors as you go, using the Mini Ink Blending Tool and separate foams for each color. Use Sunflower again to blend all the colors together for a nice cohesive look.

Step 3: Ink over the outer edges of the Scalloped Tag with Bluebird. Stack three adhesive tag holes together to make it thicker, and ink over it with Fern Green.

Step 4: Stamp the Les Roses Background over the Perfect Cardstock piece with Glacier White Pigment. Stamp the Lots of Leaves Background over the Scalloped Tag using Bluebird. Stamp the Vintage Wallpaper Background over the tag hole and the Scalloped Trim using Acorn.

Step 5: Using The Art From the Nest Stamp Set, stamp Merci on the bottom right of the cardstock using Acorn. Ink the nest portion of the stamp with Acorn, and the leaves with Fern Green, and then stamp the nest in the middle of the cardstock on the right side. Stamp an extra nest on a scrap piece of the cardstock that you trimmed off, using Acorn. Using the Hello Art set, stamp the branch above the nest and parts of the branch around the edges of the cardstock using Acorn. Stamp the smaller and mini leaves in Fern Green over parts of all the branches. Using both birds from the Art from the Nest set, ink their bodies in Bluebird and their beaks, feet, and back edges in Orange Blossom, and stamp them onto the scrap cardstock.

Step 6: Cut the extra nest and both birds out, and you can cut the feet off of the right bird as you will not see them. Ink an end of the Detail Blending Tool with Orange Blossom, and ink over the edges of the birds, the beaks and feet, for a finished look. Ink the other end with Acorn, and color in the middle of the nest and the edges to create depth to it. Use Sunflower on another Detail Blending Tool, and ink in parts of the nest for contrast. Ink the cardstock edges with Acorn, and then adhere the cardstock to the tag using Adhesive Strips. Glue on the Scallop Trim above the Merci using Multi Matte Medium, and weigh it down with a stamp block while drying to make sure it’s adhered well. Ink the edges of the Scallop Tag with Acorn and a Mini Ink Blending Tool.

Step 7: : Add some Adhesive Strip to the back of the right bird. Cut a slit in the middle of the nest about 1/2 inch long with a craft knife, and slide the bird in and adhere it so it looks like it’s sitting in the nest. Add Foam Adhesive on the back of the left bird and nest, and stick the nest over the cardstock nest, and the bird on the left side of the tag above the trim so that it looks like it’s perched on it. Using a clean end of the Detail Blending Tool, dip it into the jar of Distress Micro Glaze to coat the foam, and then rub it over the birds, nest, and some of the branches and leaves that you want to really stand out, dipping as needed. Wipe off excess with a soft clean rag. The Micro Glaze makes the ink even more vibrant, and creates more depth on the tag.

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