Pandemic Love by Milagros Rivera

Create a pandemic inspired journal page to document the world we are currently experiencing. Follow along with Milagros Rivera as she uses the Dylusions Pandemic Cling Stamp Set and Acrylic Paints to create a current event themed journal spread.


Pandemic Love Step 1

Step 1: Begin by cutting a small piece of paper from your journal to stamp using the same paper. I used the border of my Dylusions Journaling Block to create a wave partition for a future page. Stamp your head images using Jet black Archival Ink.

Pandemic Love Step 2

Step 2: Then use your masks on another page to cut the bodies of Jay and Tom. This will save you time in creating a background for them and if you use a craft knife will give you another page to work later.


Pandemic Love Step 3

Step 3: I went lightly with a pencil inside the stencil outline. Now I have a bonus!

Pandemic Love Step 4

Step 4: Now that your main characters are ready, it’s time to create a scene. I’m thinking they spot each other at a club! To create the floor, I used the diamond stencil at an angle to mimic tiles.

Pandemic Love Step 5

Step 5: Continue making marks with stencil in your background and then bring your gel plate to play. I find this is the fastest way to create a distressed background. Repeat loading with paint until your happy with the results

Pandemic Love Step 6

Step 6: Position your characters on the scene, I decided to use stamped legs that’s why it’s important to steal a piece of paper from your journal so it’s seamless. 

Pandemic Love Step 7

Step 7: Using a pencil I outlined the clothing for them. Nothing too complicated. The color of the dress inspired me to make a wrap and for him I gave a turtleneck with slacks
Also stamp some masks in paper and cover the bodies with their respective masks before you stamp the heart “inbetweenies. “

 Pandemic Love Step 8

Step 8: Now it’s time for the fun part! Add some inks to paint them. I’m mixing it up. Usually, I go about inking with a paintbrush like working with watercolor.

Pandemic Love Step 9

Step 9: Give her dress some interest by using the flower with a white pen. Noticed I decided to add hands later on in my project. They’re from the same stamp as the legs!

Pandemic Love Step 10

Step 10: I stamped the word pandemic over white for contrast and to match the Back Chat words. Finish it up by outlining the words and main characters.

Pandemic Love Step 11

Step 11: Details! I added a tiny heart to her hand do you spy it?





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