Perfect Painted Onesie By Debbie Tlach

Paint a shimmering flower outfit for your favorite baby with Perfect Pearls™ and Perfect Fabric Medium™!


(1) Wash and dry Onesie® according to manufacturer’s directions to remove sizing.

(2) Insert cardboard into the Onesie®.

(3) Using the Adirondack Pigment Pen, draw your design onto the Onesie®. Let dry. (Note: a design can also be stamped with a permanent ink such as Archival, or traced onto the fabric.)

(4) With your brush mix a pea-sized amount of Perfect Pearls in Sunflower Sparkle and a quarter-sized portion of Perfect Fabric Medium on the Non-Stick Craft Sheet. Repeat using Perfect Pearls in Berry Twist.

(5) Paint in the flowers with the Perfect Pearls Mixtures.

(6) Repeat Step 3 using Perfect Pearls in Kiwi, then Perfect Pearls in Forever Green.

(7) Paint in the stems and leaves. Let dry. Launder after 72 hours.

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