QuickCure Clay Sunflower Pendant by Sharen AK Harris

Sharen AK Harris shares how to use QuickCure Clay in this quick and easy Sunflower Pendant tutorial. Simply sculpt, cure & colorize with Tim Holtz® Alcohol Pearls & Mixatives to create this dazzling pendant!


QuickCure Clay Pendant Step 1

Step 1: Apply a thin layer of QuickCure Clay to the bottom of the bezel and build up the sides. This is your base. As it cures it will expand and make a tight fit. Make a snake about 1/8” thick and apply to your base, as shown.

QuickCure Clay Pendant Step 2

Step 2: Using a paper clip pull inward from the center of the worm to the center of the flower, these are the flower petals. When done do the same thing but pull out from the opposite direction using the same grooves. It should look like step 3 when you’re done.

QuickCure Clay Pendant Step 3

Step 3: Add a ¼” ball to the center and tap it down a bit.

QuickCure Clay Pendant Step 4

Step 4: Poke holes with the pick and shape the center.

QuickCure Clay Pendant Step 5

Step 5: This is your completed flower. Cure the pendant using a Ranger Heat It Craft tool or embossing heat gun.  Hold the heat tool at the edge of the pendant. It will take about 2 minutes to cure. It cures in a wave and will smoke a little. It will be hot like it came out of an oven.  Let it cool for a few minutes before handling.

QuickCure Clay Pendant Step 6

Step 6:  Paint the entire clay piece with Tim Holtz Pearl Mixative.

QuickCure Clay Pendant Step 7

Step 7: Paint the entire clay piece with Alchemy Alcohol Pearl.

QuickCure Clay Pendant Step 8

Step 8: Add a touch of Sublime Alcohol Pearl near the center. If there is any unpainted clay showing you can paint that as well.

QuickCure Clay Pendant Step 9

Step 9:  Add Deception Alcohol Pearl on the center.

QuickCure Clay Pendant Step 10

Step 10: Add Splendor Alcohol Pearl around the center to darken and add depth. Pull a little up the side here and there for hints of color.

You can add more Alchemy Alcohol Pearl or Pearl Mixative if you go too far with any of the colors, so it’s not a problem. 

I hope you enjoy making this beautiful pendant.  If you have any questions I’m always here to help:  sakharris@hotmail.com 


Sharen AK HarrisBorn an artist in Lynn, MA, Sharen AK Harris is a self-taught artist for the most part but was influenced by outstanding art instructors throughout her life. Sharen received her certification with the National Society of Decorative Painters.  Studies included classes in Portugal and France in 2007. Sharen is proficient in several mediums and uses each skillfully to achieve the poetic romanticism which she is known for.  “I paint when I sculpt and I sculpt when I paint. I get such joy sculpting and painting and coming up with new ideas, but everything is related to my life and the world around me. The only thing I love more than doing art and loving my family and friends is teaching art. I want everyone to experience the joy of doing successful art work.”

Sharen teaches workshops and demonstrates for Ranger Ink teaching new artists the magic of Alcohol Ink. Sharen has a studio in Arizona where she paints and sculpts great works of art.

Follow Sharen on Facebook at Sharen AK Harris Fine Art or visit her website www.sharenakharris.com

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