Recycled Trash Can by Kathy Paglia

It used to be a bulk pack bin, now it’s a totally cool trash receptacle.

  • Ranger Multi-Medium
  • Tim Holtz Idea-ology - Tissue Tape
  • Tim Holtz Idea-ology Tissue Wrap cut into strips
  • Paperboard bulk can with lid
  • Assorted Gelli Print Papers
  • Handmade/Mulberry Paper
  • Large paint brush for Gesso
  • Small paint brush for Tissue Wrap Strips
  • Foam brush
  • Four 2”x2” thin blocks of wood


1. Cut an opening in the lid with a jigsaw.

2. Using a large paint brush, prime lid and base on the outside with Ranger White Gesso. Let dry overnight.

3. Adhere handmade/Mulberry paper, using Ranger Matte Medium, to the opening of the lid. Wrap the opening so the exposed lip is covered. For the base and sides of the lid, apply Ranger Matte Medium in small areas. Cut paper to size and adhere. Work your way around the lid and base until they’re completely covered in a patchwork arrangement. Let dry overnight or as long as you can wait.

4. The places where the papers meet will not look very attractive. Cover these seams with Tissue Tape or Tissue wrap. Use a small brush to paint the seams with Matte Medium and attach Tissue Tape or strips of Tissue Wrap.

5. To raise the lid off the base and make the can taller, attach four 2”x2” pieces of wood to the inside of the lid.

6. When everything is dry, paint the inside of the lid with Adirondack Pitch Black Paint.

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