Shrink Plastic Keychain Make-It-Take-It, CHA Winter 2011 By Debbie Tlach

Shrink Plastic Keychain Make-It-Take-It, CHA Winter 2011


(1) Working over a Non-Stick Craft Sheet, pour clear UTEE into Melting Pot and slide to UTEE setting. Let UTEE melt.

(2) Die cut Shrink Plastic with Tag Die and punch a large hole in the tag.

(3) Stamp initial onto center of the tag and flourish above and below the letter. Let dry or use Heat Tool from a distance to dry the ink, but do not shrink the plastic.

(4) Insert shrink plastic tag into the UTEE. It will shrink and flatten out. Pull shrunken tag out with tweezers and drag the bottom across the craft sheet and let cool.

(5) Cut off excess UTEE with scissors. Put the tip of the scissors in the tag hole and twist to remove any excess UTEE.

(6) Turn tag to wrong side. Apply Alcohol Ink to felt on Ink Applicator Tool and dab Alcohol Inks onto tag.

(7) When the Alcohol Ink has dried, cut a piece of Foil Tape to fit on the back. Peel off adhesive backing and stick to the back of the tag. Trim with scissors and use hole punch to gently score the tag hole and remove the metal foil dot.

(8) Cut ball chain to 6” length. String ball chain through tag hole and clasp ends together to finish.

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