Shrink Plastic/UTEE “From Heart and Hand” Fabric Tag By Tammy Tutterow

Create this charming tag using Inkssentials Shrink Plastic, Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel and a variety of other Ranger products


(1) Cut one piece of cotton muslin and one piece of cotton batting 7” x 4”.

(2) Place the fabric on a Craft Sheet and mist with water.

(3) Apply swipes of color onto the fabric using assorted colors of Distress Stains. After applying color, mist the fabric again with water until the colors blend as desired.

(4) Wad the fabric into a ball to create wrinkles.

(5) Smooth the fabric out on a Craft Sheet and dry using a Heat It Craft Tool.

(6) Stamp the fabric using the Grunge Alphabet stamp with Coffee Archival Ink.

(7) Adhere the piece of batting to the tag using a generous layer of glue stick.

(8) Apply glue stick over top of the batting. Place the stamped fabric on top of the batting.

(9) Trim the edges of the fabric and batting even with the edges of the manila tag using pinking shears.

(10) Machine stitch around the edge of the tag through all layers.

(11) Mist the surface of the fabric tag with Biscotti Perfect Pearls Mist.

(12) Brush the edges of the assembled tag with Vintage Photo Distress ink using an Ink Blending Tool.

(13) Punch or cut a hole through the fabric in line with the hole in the manila tag. Place a grommet or large eyelet through the hole.

(14) Stamp the large heart onto a piece of grunge paper and a piece of crinoline using Coffee Archival Ink. Cut both pieces out along the edge of the stamped design.

(15) Use Aged Mahogany Distress Stain to color the grungepaper heart.

(16) Use a glue stick to adhere the grungepaper and crinoline hearts together. Brush over the surface and edges with Vintage Photo Distress Ink and an Ink Blending Tool.

(17) Adhere the assembled hearts to the center front of the tag using a glue stick.

(18) Machine stitch the heart to the tag around the inside edge of the assembled heart.

(19) Use embroidery floss and a needle to add accent cross stitches to the edge of the heart as desired.

(20) Use the floss and needle to stitch small buttons to the tag along the machine stitched edge.

(21) Place two 13” pieces of the smooth Lavish Trimmings on a Craft Sheet. Mist both with water.

(22) Tap the ribbon with assorted colors of Distress Stains. Mist the ribbon with water to blend the colors as desired.

(23) Wad the ribbon into a ball.

(24) Place the ribbon on the Craft Sheet and dry it using a Heat It Craft Tool. Toss and wrinkle the ribbon with your fingers as you dry it.

(25) Tap the ribbon with Vintage Photo Distress Ink with an Ink Blending Tool.

(26) Combine the colored Lavish Trimmings with another 13” piece of ribbon or trim. Tie the trio of ribbon pieces around the tag, tying them into a knot on the front of the tag over the heart.

(27) Hang a charm from the knot of the ribbon using a jump ring.

Charm Instructions:
(1) Prepare one sheet of Shrink Plastic according to package directions.

(2) Die cut one heart from the plastic.

(3) Stamp the hand image onto the smooth side of the Shrink Plastic. Allow the ink to dry. (A Heat It Craft Tool may be used to shorten drying time. Be sure to hold it far enough away from the Shrink Plastic so that it does not begin to shrink.)

(4) Once the ink is dry, cut out the hand shape.

(5) Use Pigment Pens to add color to the rough side of both the hand and the heart.

(6) Punch a hole in the wrist area of the hand piece using the large hole of the Drill Punch.

(7) Place the heart and the hand on a Craft Sheet. Heat the pieces until they shrink using a Heat It Craft Tool.

(8) After shrinking, adhere the heart to the palm of the hand using Glossy Accents as an adhesive. Allow the Glossy Accents to dry thoroughly.

(9) Melt clear UTEE in the Melting Pot.

(10) Use tweezers to dip the heart/hand piece into the melted UTEE.

(11) Use scissors to snip away any excess UTEE that may form in the space between the thumb and fingers. Hold the piece with tweezers and heat with aHeat It Craft Tool to smooth and round the cut edges.

(12) Place a jump ring through the hole in the finished heart and hand piece.

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